[SOLD]Fairphone FP3 with bumper for sale

Hi all,

I am selling my Fairphone FP3 with bumper.
Bought new in september 2019.
Has been working without a flaw.
The phone is formatted (factory reset).
Asking EUR 200 plus shipping (from the Netherlands).

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I’m interested in the phone!
I assume it was used as main phone (every day use). Am I right?
Do you ship to Germany?

Here its customary to post a picture of the device turned on and showing today’s date. Would it be to much to request you to make another photo of the phone showing the current date?

Hi Benny,

Yes, I used the phone as my main phone.
I do ship to Germany.
To make a picture with today’s date is possible, but then I have to install it again. This will take a while.

Hallo !
It’s very funny: I bought this FP2 from you @JanVerlaan four years ago, and just days ago purchased his FP3 replacement from a fellow Dutch @AvdB.
It would have been a such a bizarre stroke of Fairphone magic to get this one from you :grin:
Wish you all the best,

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As I see now it’s not the first time you sell a phone via this forum. Forget about the extra picture, I trust you without it! :wink:
@koumilak thanks for mentioning it!

Does the phone have the stock main camera (12MP)?

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Hi @koumilak, thanks for your recommendation! Best wishes for you too.

Yes, it has. Was good enough for me, so never replaced it.

Install what again ?

Presumably you are selling with a default Android that can show the date ??

Yes, it is a standard FP3 with default OS, as originally sold by Fairphone. I did a factory reset.

You have to go through initial set-up…

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