[Sold] Fairphone 3 used protective case black for sale (€10,00)

I am offering a FP3 protective case black.
It has been used for 4 months, so it has some small signs of use.
I am switching to a FP4, so I hope I can make anyone happy with this case, so I don’t have to throw it away.

I am interested. Living in Germany. How shall WE proceed?


Sorry to be a spoiler for the seller but just in case it may have gone anyway currently there is this, whilst still in stock until 7th Dec

That said, to celebrate the Fairphone 3 and the start of beta testing, we would also like to offer our Fairphone 3 and 3+ users their choice of a protective case in any color for just €10 and shipping costs.

Discount Code: FP3PC29BBG

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Thank you Amoun.
We discussed it and the case is sold, so it’s no longer for sale.
I will let this topic ‘fade out’

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