[SOLD] Fairphone 3+ mint, unopened condition

Mint condition, never opened Fairphone 3+ for sale.

The phone was a gift/prize and since my regular FP3 is working great as ever after 1 year of use, I see no reason to keep it idle in the drawer.

The phone comes with 2 years warranty with the Danish branch of the ‘3’ company and comes with proof of purchase.

Minimum asking price is 420 euros without shipping.


Could you please open the package and make a photo of the two phones working showing the date of today and a photo of the two phones showing the back?

I am reluctant to open the package, since the item cannot be considered “mint” or “unopened” if opened, and thus price becomes an issue.

Any possible issues as to the functionality of the phone will be covered by said warranty anyway.

No offence, but how can a buyer know that there is really a phone inside the package.
We have had scam offers on this forum. That’s why we are cautious.

Well…the seal is unbroken?

Unless one suspects Fairphone of sealing empty boxes I would be fairly certain that the seal ensured the presense of stated content.


Well, you like to sell the Fairphone here on the forum.
It’s up to you what you do.

We had an internal discussion among the moderators about this offer. The conclusion is that the photos are trustworthy enough and we don’t expect from you to open the package.


That is a relief! I know one can’t really tell such things from quasi-anonymous online user profiles, but I am an honest Fairphone enthusiast who has frequented the forum for two years and have sold spare parts to another user before with cash in advance on the market, so it’s nice to be absolved from suspicion.

Is the listing open again then?


Yes, it is visible again since yesterday.

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Hi! I’m interested. I’m in Germany, was planning to buy the phone directly from fairphone but concerned about having to go retrieve it at the customs office, which is a bit of a nightmare. Any chances you are not based in the UK?

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Why would a Fairphone end up in a tax office (I guess you mean a customs office?) in Germany? Fairphone ships their phones from the Netherlands which is inside the EU just like Germany, so no customs office involved. :slight_smile:


Sorry yes! Customs office :man_facepalming:. I see it says ships from the UK, therefore my concern.


Suddenly I changed something and now it says shipping to Germany, and not mention of the UK. Clearly I need some sleep.
I would still be interested in buying from you and save a few euros.

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Hi Elisa.

I am based in Copenhagen, so there should be no additional customs concerns AFAIK :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Seagull,
After reading the reviews and complaints about the Fairphone 3+, I need some more time to reconsider whether I should go for the previous version. Will get back to you if I end up being convinced by the 3+, although I guess you will have sold it by then!
Best regards,

Fairphone is all about reconsideration, so you are already taking the right steps :slightly_smiling_face:

I can only comment based on my own experience and what I have gathered from the experiences of others since my own Fairphone adventure started with a pre-used FP2 which was what we in Denmark call a ‘Monday’s-model’. Riddled with hardware dysfunctionalities it was arduous getting through the year it took for the motherboard–>display connectors to degrade into the fairphone equivalent of a hardware BSOD. (Which I could not afford to have repaired at the time)
Software, OS updates and general app-functions however were never problematic for me, and provider related malfunctions never occurred either.

I sold the functional parts here on the forum, returned to my trusted old nokia and began looking forward to the phone that this company would be able to build based on the collective experience of both more or less conscious users in general society, but also the invaluable inputs from the discussion forums.

When I got hold of the Fairphone 3 through a refurbishing company in early 2019 it felt like everything had come together for the company.
From day one I was not merely using but also experiencing the phone. I finally felt that it was a product that I could honestly recommend as a viable alternative to anyone I come across who considers buying a new phone (and may/may not need proverbial kick in the consumptional juggulars)

The community here and reports to the support section gather enormously important data for the phone across national and social boundaries, and I for one have experienced complete satisfaction through my usage of the FP3.
I upgraded the camera modules and am looking forward to the software update which will enable the new hardware to perform at full functionality, and I actually applaud the ‘staring into the abyss’ kind of approach that Fairphone went for in their marketing of the improved plus version.
In a market based on exponentiality it is a statement in itself: ‘We built a truly fair phone and realised that nobody carries a digital camera anymore, so why not show off our modular capabilities?’
It is virtually the same phone with the upgraded camera modules, an improvement on the motherboard to speaker volume and 31% more re-used plastic material.
As for the aesthetics a running joke of the original FP3 is the various combinations of words that emerge from the falling off of letters on the backcover which over time results in an indented logo on a translucent surface that reveals transparent usage. I currently own an F I PHONE.
The plus model has Android 10 from the box, will forever remain an indented blacklettered Fairphone and any concerns you may have should be readily resolved by contacting your provider and request their experience (or inexperience) with the phone and potential issues.

Welcome to the community!