[SOLD] Fairphone 3 for sale - never used

Bought Fairphone 3 in September 2019. Never used it & was out of country for 4 months. I decided to sell (for reasons not to do with the Fairphone, but just personal preferences and usability).

Fairphone & USB-C Cable for EUR 345.00. Does not include shipping.

Please note: I have the invoice, but no longer the lid of the

original box. :frowning: Still - never switched on, never used.

Can you make a foto of the Imei number and place it here?
You don’t have to switch the phone on to do this.

See here for a sample picture at ‘Non-working phone’.

  1. Take off the battery cover
  2. Take out the battery module
  3. The white sticker with the IMEI1 printed on it in black - accompanied by a barcode - is located on the side of the battery housing of the Core Module.

here we go.


Thank you, but this is a foto of the battery.
Could you please make a foto of the Imei number?

Is it really clever, to post the IMEI online?
Dosn’t this enable fraud e.g. by using those numbers for a stolen phone (like the chassis-number for cars)?

I really would advise, to exchange such data by PM with interested parties and take this picture offline.
I understand, that it is meant, to make sure, the phone is for real and not just a fraud.
So, why not just make a picture of the phone in front of this thread on the screen of a computer of a daily newspaper etc.
This has been used in this forum quite regularly.

Thank you Bert. Much appreciated. And as you said - I did provide a photo of the phone.
I deleted the photo now. If someone wants to see it please PM me.

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Sorry, that I asked you for a photo of the Imei number.
Could you make a photo like @BertG suggested and place it here?

I am more than happy to provide with IMEI number via direct PM if someone is interested.

And I can bear witness, that you already posted the IMEI here, which might proof, that such a photo already exists. :wink:

I wrongly assumed, that Lidwien had seen the picture as well.
So I removed that reference, as it was only me seeing it.
Sorry for that

Sorry, I didn’t see the picture as it was already deleted before I saw the post.

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I saw it this picture posted.

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I’m interested in buying a FP3. :slight_smile: I’m in Canada, could you ship overseas?

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This phone is sold. :slight_smile:

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