(SOLD) Fairphone 3+ bundle; two working phones plus accessories

Hello. Selling two Fairphone 3+ handsets, plus Fairphone case and earbuds.

**MAIN PHONE ** - My primary phone since June '21 (purchased from Orange, France, for 389.00 euros). Reason for sale; recently upgraded to a Fp5.
Replaced bottom module (purchased direct new from Fp) about 15 months ago.
Replaced cracked screen with one from donor phone (see below).
Healthy signs of use but pretty good looking. Functioning well. No problems. (As evidenced by the fact that this is my first visit to this forum).
Mint condition box, Fp green case (a bit washed out but does its job), wired earbuds (barely used & disinfected.)

**DONOR PHONE ** - Purchased from a pal when he upgraded to Fp4, to keep as a donor phone. Cracked screen obviously. Still functioning. I have never used it but it was my friend’s main phone until he upgraded about 12 months ago.
IMEI and serials for both on request, PM.
Asking 220.00 euros for the complete bundle, plus postage. Europe sales preferable due to customs hassles, however my husband will be in Ireland/England next week so could post from there. PM for £ price if interested.
Just spotted I might need more forum presence to give the sale more credibility and possibly direct message. I can be found on Insta. under a_picture_postcard where I’ve been a keen contributor to the shotonfairphone hashtag for a number of years.
Thanks for looking

(Not in need of one myself, sorry) The easiest way to find out if it’s an FP3 or FP3+ is the translucency of the FP3 (without plus). Both the core housing and the back cover of the original FP3 are translucent, the FP3+ is all opaque. Slim sides of the housing might be the best comparison in this respect. From your photo 4, both devices look like FP3+.

Ah yes, of course! Thanks for taking the time to post. I should have just messaged my pal in the first place.

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