(Sold) Fairphone 2 with Indigo Slim Case.....Located in: South Germany (Suggest a price)

Hi everybody,

I offer here a Fairphone 2 with an Indigo Slim case.

I bought it secondhand to test it. My daily driver is also a Fairphone 2. :slight_smile:

This FP2 is from December 2016, has the old camera modules (8MP Back camera & 2MP Front camera). The battery is over 3 years old but still works well.

Normal traces of use can be seen on the phone.

The Fairphone has two flaws.

  1. The primary microphone sometimes has a loose contact. It almost always works well, but sometimes the voice sounds muffled. If you press on a certain area on the slim case, the sound is good again.
    Most probably, you need a new bottom module.

  2. The display module suffers very slightly from the usual weak white spots - only visible on a bright white background.

At the moment Fairphone OS is installed on it. I can also install other operating systems like Fairphone Open OS, /e/ OS, Lineage OS, Lineage OS with microg or Ubuntu Touch from UBPorts on it if you want to.

Suggest a price. We can discuss about the price. :slight_smile:
Located in South Germany.

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Hi there, I’m interested, I’ll send you a DM.

Edit: I’m no more interested, the phone is still for sale :slight_smile:

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hello, I’m interested. can u send me a DM I don’t know how to do it ? (maybe I’m not able yet I’m brand new)

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Sent you a DM just now. :slight_smile: