[SOLD] Fairphone 2 with 3D printed speaker and 32GB SD card for sale at £95 plus shipping

Works well and as you might know, the FP2 will get an upgrade early next year to Android 10 which will offer another 2 years of support. There is a little crack on the screen at the bottom right but I had that for the last couple of years and it never impacted on the performance. Also, you will need a new battery because the existing one, still the original, is rather tired (needs recharging every day depending on use). Happy to provide any further information if needed. Interested



Didn’t know, actually! :slight_smile: What is your source? :thinking:


This now has been sold and I don’t know how to add the [SOLD] to the heading. Can anybody help?
Thanks for all the interest.

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I think you can just edit the title if you see an edit / pencil icon, so I have just updated it.

All the best.

I did look for the edid/pencil icon, but could not find it! Thanks for doing this.
All the best as well.

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