(SOLD) Fairphone 2 with 2 batteries and 2 cases

It’s a complete working Fairphone 2 purchased in October 2015 with a few more months of warranty.
The black case is slightly damaged (tears at the corners, and a small piece missing.
The battery which has been in use yielded a rather short battery life, that’s why I received another one. The new one is unused and unopened.
The red case is also unused and unopened and was delivered in June (as was the battery).
The phone’s exterior is in good condition. There are no scratches on the display or the camera.
The phone is located in Zürich, Switzerland and can be sent via mail or picked up here. I can include a USB cable and headphones if desired.
As a selling price I was looking at 250EUR.
Photos can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByWUpFycCRS8dmxRaDJBek55djQ

Please include your email address when replying to this offer, so that we can communicate more efficiently.

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