[SOLD] Fairphone 2 V1 One of the first 17,418 (with new Slim Coral Red) (145 €)

Hello, I am selling a Fairphone 2. It is the first version with display and camera modules of the first version. “One of the first 17,418”.

This version is compatible with all the operating systems available for Fairphone 2.

The case is a new Coral Red valued at € 30 (I do not keep the old case).

The battery is version BAT02.

The mobile is in very good condition. It has small scratches barely visible on the screen (I will add a photo).

The screen has a Brotect AirGlass screen protector installed.

The original box is included, in good condition.

The microSD seen in the photos is not included.

The price is € 145 plus shipping by the buyer. I only ship to the European Union, from Spain.


I am sure that it is a “trick of the light” but why does the middle SIM pin in slot 2 show up differently to all the other 5 pins? Are you offering buyer their own choice of OS installed instead of Ubuntu Touch? Is price inclusive of EU postage or is this extra? Considering that it does not have 12/5 MP camera modules your price is perhaps a little high for this earlier version with the more “fragile” SIM holder contacts.

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Hello, I have checked it and it is not a light trick, the SIM 2 pin is at the height of the other pins, but it is a bit rotated.

I can install the buyer’s operating system of their choice. I was thinking of FPOS or FPOOS.

Initially, I was going to include the price of the shipment, but thanks to your comment I will lower the price to € 145 plus shipping by the buyer.

I am sure that possible purchasers would be re-assured by a photo of your FP2 showing signal reception from both SIM 1 and SIM 2 rather than it’s current “airplane mode”.

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Yes, I will take the photos today. Thank you.



Hello, I would like to buy your FP from Italy: how can I do?
Erio Lugli

Hello, I am sending you a private message.

Im also interested. I live in Barcelona. Where do you live? I’d glad if we could reach an agreement.

Hello, I am from Malaga. The mobile is reserved one week for @eriolugli. The second person interested is you.

Perfect! Let me know if you dont make the deal. Saludos!

Interested as well. Count me on the queue

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