[SOLD] Fairphone 2 UK - new case and battery

I am selling my Fairphone 2.

Price £130 or 160€ (including shipping within UK or EU).

Phone is in good but used condition. I am its second owner (had just over a year). It has a new Coral Red case and a new battery.

There are some small scratches in the lower right corner of the screen (see photo 4 below) but these are not noticeable when the screen is on. I have kept the phone in a case, but the previous owner didn’t :frowning:

Currently running Fairphone Open OS.

Please note that the sale does not include a USB cable or SD card. It’s just the phone.


@Flbr I think this one’s a match for you (see photo #3). :slight_smile:


Hi, I could be interested. Would you ship it to Munich?

Kein Problem. Happy to send to Munich.

Hi, @mb668

I am very interested in buying the phone. I’ve been looking for a Fairphone 2 with the old display mode (TM-C1) for some time. I need the old version because my desire is to install all the operating systems available for the Fairphone 2. A few years ago, I bought a Fairphone 2, but it was the modern version and it didn’t work for me.

I live in the European Union (Spain), I bought on other occasions in forums and I can pay quickly by PayPal.

For now, I just need you to confirm that your mobile has the old screen, please.

Many thanks.

Thank you very much for letting me know, mate.

OK. Photos attached. It looks like the one you are looking for: C1 not C2 :smiley:

Please let me know if you need any other photos or details.

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