[SOLD] Fairphone 2 for spare parts (to sell once, as a whole)

Hello Fairphoners ,
I’m selling my fairphone 2 for spare parts. There has been some problem with restarting since I’ve got it (nov-2016) and lately with mobile network connection. I’ve changed all the parts in the last years but not sure how old they all are. I can look that upif you want. The problem is not related to the parts I think. I also have a new coral red case (still in plastic). And the fairphone has 2 batteries (one newer). The screen has some scratch damages. I recently installed Lineage OS on it.

Sooo make an offer and I can send you from Netherlands. Greets, Wendy


Hello Wendy,

I’d like to buy the bottom module if that would work for you. Just drop me a message if that would work for you. In case, I’ll pay the shipment cost to the UK.

Best wishes

edit: thanks for the hint :rofl:

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Me too I want a massage :joy_cat:




Hi Wendy. I’m looking for a screen. Mine died and I think the rest of the phone still works but I can’t tell without being able to see and use the screen. I’m also in NL!

Hello thanks all for the quick replies…but I’d rather sell the whole thing at once. I don’t have a lot of time to take it apart and send all the pieces separetely (am leaving tomorrow morning for a 2 months road trip). My boyfriend can send it off for me but I don’t think he’s gonna do different postings…otherwise I’ll try again in 2 months. Or if there’'s someone here in France/Spain who wants it , I can take it along

Please rename the title appropriately, thanks…

How much do you want for the whole thing?

I think 20 +shipping costs

I would like it then.

I allowed myself to precise it in the title :wink:


Thanks, sorry am a bit busy here preparing for the travel

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Cool, can you send me your adress? Not sure what the sending costs are yet…

I don’t know how to send a message just to you. Sorry, new to this forum.

You have to level up to a basic user by posting or reading a bit more then when you click on someone’s avatar|Id you will see a button to Message :slight_smile:


Hallo Wendy Ik wil graag een bod doen. Is het apparaat nog beschikbaar.?Ik woon in Nederland.

I also would be interested to buy all parts together. The shipping would be to Germany. Is it still available?
Thanks for the post : )

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Sorry people, sold it a week ago. I don t know how tot chance that in the topic. Cn only access the site through my fp3 cause my laptop got stolen.

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