[SOLD] Fairphone 2 For Sale! around 300 euros

Fairphone 2 purchased 10/08/2018, perfect condition!

No damages, and sold with all the original packaging!

Newer 12mp camera included in device.

Android 7 software.

Happy to post to Europe or available for collection (Based in London)

Would be interested in offers in around 300 euros!

(I haven’t been using the device since august due to being provided a required work phone)

Phone model has a transparent back which is reaaaally nice!

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Hello Jonathan,

Your offer seems to be interesting.

Could you please give some details on it?

  1. First, do you still have the invoice of the phone ? to be able to use the guarantee in case of failure
  2. Is/are there some bug(s) solved previously or not solved yet? and if yes, what are the problem(s) observed?
  3. Could you show a photo of the back of the phone? to see how it is

Thank’s a lot !

Hi Stephane,

  1. Yes I still have the invoice

  2. There is a bug which should be fixed soon as it is effecting all phones with the upgraded camera - the phone restarts instead of switching off when tapping power off - there is a temporary solution for it. However, I would imagine there will be a software update soon to fix that.

  3. Here you go:

(thanks for your interest)

" . * ‘Power off’ reboots devices with new camera module. (a.k.a. ‘phone doesn’t shut down’). Affects all devices that were shipped with the new camera module (Q4 2017 and later) and devices that have upgraded to the new camera module. Workaround: Enable the torch (flashlight function) and then shut down the device normally. "

From Fairphone!

Hi, is your phone still for sale ?

Hi Gillian,

Yes still for sale!

Good :slight_smile:
No other problems apart from the bug that you mentioned ?
Are there any scratches anything that could surprise me on receiving it ?
If all is ok, would you accept 275€ including p&p to France ?

Hi Gillian, this would work for me. No other issues with the phone or scratches on the device.

I will include the invoice as well in the package.


My email is jonjonhunter@icloud.com
for details.

Hi Jonathan,
is it sold already?

Hello Jonathan is the phone still available???

Hi sorry guys for the late reply!
Sadly i’ve sold the fairphone two days ago, thank you for your interest and apologies for not getting back to you sooner!