[SOLD] Fairphone 2 for Sale £200

Got a phone through work so it is no longer needed. £200. Can post in UK.

Can post abroad but would have to work out costs.

It’s in great condition hardly used. Been sitting in a drawer for a few months.

Hi Karmafunk,

Thanks for your offer. I am interested, but can you provide any details of which version of the cameras you have, and I assume that (as well as being in great condition) it actually works well? Finally what colour is the case.

Would always be good to see some photos, if you can.

Finally, where are you in UK?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi karmafunk, this would suit me perfectly - I can pick up if you’re in London or would of course pay for postage if you’re further afield. Let me know? AnnaO

Hi @karmafunk

Are you still interested in selling this phone? Would be good to know one way or another!


Hi @karmafunk
I have managed to purchase a separate device so won’t require this one.

@AnnaO - Just to let you know that I haven’t heard anything from Karmafunk since their original post.


HI, sorry for the delay. I have already sold the phone.


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