[sold] Fairphone 2, 12MP camera, in very good condition - 270€

I’m selling my FP2 with a used indigo slimcover (still in a very nice condition) and a brand new white one as well. It has the 12MP camera module and runs on the latest FP OS. The phone was bought 01/2018 and still has warranty for over a year, invoice included. Battery is new as well!

I’m selling it because I got the old IPhone of my dad (SE) and I’ve been craving a smaller phone for a while now. Nevertheless I always enjoyed the Fairphone, if the next modell will be a bit smaller I"ll definitely go for it again.

Shipping within EU is included.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


I’m looking for a replacement phone for my old FP1 and I’m interested in the FP2 you sell… But I have some questions :

  • I understood the description is for the indogo FP2 ? How old is the white one ? Why do you sell it ? Is it still under garantee ?
  • I guess 270€ isn’t the price for both phones ? :wink: How much do you want for each phone ?
  • I’m from Brussels. Is it maybe possible to come and get it, or are you living far away ?

Thanks in advance !

Hello, I just read my description again and I see what you mean. It is one Fairphone whith two slimcovers, one blue and one white. The phone is about a year old and still has warranty until 01/2020. I always used it with a screen protector, it’s in a very nice condition still.

The price is for the phone, including the second slim cover and postage.
Sadly I live in Lisbon, so I can only offer you to send it via postal service.
I could send you more pictures if you want, to help you decide.
Best wishes, Sebastian

Hello Sebastian!
Im also interested! Is it possible to have a picture from the front?
And 270 euro is with the expedition included?



Hello, here’s another one of the front:

Shipping is included, yes. Only if you want express shipping, I’d have to check the prices.

Ok so since how long are you using the phone?is it working good?

Thanks for the precisions :slight_smile:
I’m still interested, just wondering how you would proceed for payment ? Paypal ?

Paypal would work or bank transfer is also possible, idk how high the paypal fees are for sending money. It’s just that the phone is currently reserved for a friend of mine who consideres buying it, but I’ll let you know as soon as she decides!

Ok. Just let me know :slight_smile:

The phone is sold, I’m very sorry! All the best

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