Solar accessories/back cover

Hey everyone,

I came across powerfoyle (solar charging link below), and now and then, posts under solar tag do appear.

They have already intergraded with some products (a small speaker, some adidas headphones)

does anyone know of the product, product performance, product tech etc. ?

if it is viable (and their material sourcing and production is aligned with fairphone’s) I would be happy to buy lets say a solar back cover (i guess with an open back protection case (?) )

(also bonus discussion There are some monitors that come reflective lcd, reducing the need of backlight/screen light- another interesting tech somewhat related to using light from your environment)


I would not use it. Take an external bigger and stronger solar cell and try to charge your phone with it. It lasts very long, imho. If you put your phone into the sun the battery and the phone ages. Imho that won’t be an advantage.



I am seeing it from a different utility/value proposition.

If i have to ‘put my phone on the sun to charge’, or to plug it in to solar panels, or chase the sun its easier to plug it in to the main.

what I am after is not to have to put my phone to charge.

Solar tech does evolve, was hoping for some napkin calc- I doubt that it has enough power to charge the phone (or say end up late afternoon with full battery), but cannot find any actual numbers of its performance.

I’m pretty sure it can at a maximum help to extend the runtime of the battery during the day a bit if the phone isn’t put into direct sun exposure. But the issue with having to put the phone into direct sun exposure and heating it up with that is still critical for the lifetime of all components and especially the battery which is right behind the back cover if really some energy should be harvested.

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