Software update Kola Nut 1.8

Having trouble with Google Apps reinstall after update to 1.8.
Any advice appreciated.

The following is approximately what has happened since the update:

  • OS Update applied… seems OK
  • Google Apps install attempt #1.
  • Failed as Fairphone Installer is still doing something
  • Follow advice to run then kill fairphone Installer process
  • Google Apps install attempt #2
  • superuser privileges granted to Google Apps installer.
  • Phone reboots and installer robot appears.
  • Check back with phone later… No Google Apps.
  • Google Apps Widget stuck in “Downloading Google Apps”
  • Try reboot… same issue
  • Try removing widget repasting it to home screen… same issue
  • Try deleting OS cache then dragging widget onto home screen… same issue

Is there anything else I can try?

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You need to open and close the fairphone updater app, after that it should work!

For the stuck downloading google apps, disable and re-enable your wifi connection. After this the download should progress. If you get the waiting in the background again, open your FP updater app and close it again and it should work.

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So now I´ve tried to downgrade to Cherry 1.6 three times and still have 1.8 installed.
And of coures I have not created a backup since I trusted this update.

@Frederik_Zimmermann what are you trying to achieve by downgrading? Maybe I can think up an alternative solution for you that enables you to stay on 1.8.

OK looking good so far, thanks.

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Thank you Marco!
I just want to get back to the looks I am used to and wait for an update that does not take forever to set up.
And sorry, I´m not interested in messing around with the settings and the launchers. I was tired of that from my old phone and therefore bought a new one…

I don’t know what I did in the end, but I got it sorted. And just read the tip to get the old Fairphone Launcher from the Play Store: icons back to their normal size (the bigger ones were rather horrible), all home screens available, etc. Me happy :smile:

Frederik, see my post above. Get the old Fairphone Launcher from the Play Store and everything is back to normal, still running 1.8.

Hi Everybody!

I updated to Kola Nut 1.8.

Then my Keyboard (OASP) didn’t work. I should have come here, because of the advice given to the problem.
But before I came to this page I tried to go back to Cherry 1.6. by downloading the old version and installing 1.6.
After the reboot the Keyboard (OASP) was not working AND also the message “adroid.process.media” appears with the message not working when I try to install google apps, fairphone updater.

So I can’t change to 1.8 or download anything.

Can anyone help me here?

thanks, it worked!
I like the bigger icons. i think it looks cleaner now.
but now i accidentally deleted the third home panel. how do i get it back?

Hm, I´ve just managed to downgrade to 1.6
What´s the old launcher called?

@Marco, The Wi Fi tip fixed that last issue. My phone is now back in action. Many thanks. Mike out.

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I’d like to refer you to a solution posted earlier in this thread:
Note that you have to drag apps to the right rather thant to the left.

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Can you explain how you did downgrade? It’s called Fairphone Launcher.

Okay, thanks. I´ll have a look.
I tried over and over and it worked the fourth time. Also, the update did not work first try. It worked the second time.

OMG !!!
After three tries I have been able to update the OS.
But now all my Google settings and all the folders etc. are gone.
Guys, honestly, I like your work, but this was just a software UPDATE!
Now I have basically a blank phone and can redo all my settings which will take me at least a day - why???
I also have a nexus 10 tablet and if I get a software update there - everything is just like before. I don’t understand why your updates create a more or less blank phone and make the user to start almost all over again…?!?

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Hi there, sorry about the caps lock. One (urging) question here. My husband updated his fairphone and has lost all is pictures and movies because apperently he hadnt made a backup. Is there any way he can restore them? A lot of the pictures were from our children from the past year so he is pretty sad at the moment.

I’ve created this topic if you don’t like the new look/feel of the launcher in v1.8 as there are things you can do before turning to a completely different launcher :smile:

Sorry, to say this guys but I think you should seriously consider to stop the whole update process.
I don´t think the 60.000 FP owners out there will appreciate all this :frowning:

I understand that you have not uploaded the old launcher. But do you know the source? This could be a security issue, right?
Could you provide the original .apk here?

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Thanks for the support and advice through these forums I think I am about there with the update. Please, please, can future updates not change the launcher (unless there is some essential security issue); it’s a very dull and long winded job to get things looking as they were.