Software Update: FP5.TT40.A.131.20231130

the updater just notified about:

Softwareupdate: FP5, patchlevel december 2023, TT40.A.131, 560MB

release date: 2023-12-29

release notes at:


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Installed without a problem.

Great :tada:! Just updated and so far all seems good here as well.

Everything fine! The update process was smooth and no problems afterwards.

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installed it rn. had no issue. my fp5 is having up to date security patches :slight_smile:


Also link to security bulletin related to the 5th Dec 2023 patch

Update went smoothly.

Beautiful. And where can I download the zip file?
Nothing is happening here ?

I’m searching the .zip as well.
could you update the following page?

Welcome @fairitis to our forum!

Just to temper the expectations:

With you you’re addressing users like yourself:


So no, we can’t update it. Still maybe @anna_jopp passes by during next workday and might relay the question to a colleague.


Alright, thanks for your reply Volker!

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Just a simply question - my FP5 dont find the latest OTA update here in Austria. Finding the updates depends on which behavior?

I don’t have the update either. It was released late on a Friday, sometimes your carrier has to approve the update. I suppose today or tomorrow they will get around to it.

Here’s the for anyone who needs it


Thank you, @Volker - I have forwarded the request to update the page to my colleagues. :slight_smile: Welcome to the Fairphone Community, @fairitis !


For reference:

What is this and what should that tell me?

Third party apps/applications are not reliably reprorting missing patches

It is the result of SnoopSnitch open source tool regarding the security patch, as far as I can tell, the result seems to be quite good, with no major issues found.

The reliability of these tests aren’t perfect, specially without root, but should give an idea of how well things are.

In my eyes, something not reliable does not tell me anything… In the past there were reports of missing things that were confirmed to be patched.