Software update: FP5.TT3L.A.106.20230918

Hi everyone,

A new software update for the Fairphone 5 will be released at 16:00 UTC today.

Software Version: FP5.TT3L.A.106.20230918
Security Patch Level: 5th of September, 2023
Update size: 29.23 MB (67.18 MB for KPN NL)

List of changes:

  • Charging modes: we’ve made the notification and settings clearer to read the difference between Fast and Eco charging modes.

Got feedback or a question? Post it below.


I guess I’m not the only one … so for convenience’s sake: The UTC right now

(FP5 update scheduled for 18:00 Amsterdam time)


a pretty simple url as well is the service


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update appeared for me via wifi. file download size is correct.


No need, Discourse has a built-in feature for this: 2023-10-09T16:00:00Z. More timezones can be added, but it should include also your own set timezones.


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Smooth and boring update! :tada: No regressions, nice!! And indeed, the charging modes are better now with the extra descriptions.

My FP5 is still “stuck” on FP5.TT3J.A.102.20230905 with a security patch level of 5th of August 2023. I tried repeatedly checking for software updates manually but nothing shows up (provider KPN), anyone else has this issue?

You are one the right update. It’s ‘normal’ for phones on KPN to recieve updates late.
Every update has to be modified to the needs of the provider. Somehow it always take more time for the provider KPN and the providers using the KPN-network like Youfone.

@Lidwien Thanks for clarying that :slight_smile:

Next Update is already available, let’s wait for the official forum post from Fairphone.

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Just checked in the app Instellingen, Systeem, Systeemupdate if an update was available.
And yes, TT3P.A.112 is there. Installation went smoothly.

Nice, also available here after requesting a check for a system update! Strange though that 106 never came through, but i’m happy with security patch level October :smiley:

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