Software update: FP5 FP5.TT4F.A.160.20240508

Two days ago, one of my FP5s received the operating system update FP5.TT4F.A.160.20240508 after I deactivated the Deutsche Telekom eSIM and only activated the Vodafone SIM.

The release notes are the same as before with the update FP5.TT4D.A.157.20240417

What are the differences between these two versions?

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So whats the security patch date? Nothing was published yet.

There was a Vodafone specific issue that got a hotfix.


The security patch ist the same as before, April 2024.

And still no download available for flashing with fastboot…
When it’s important for vodafone users then it would be nice to provide this version on the fastboot download page too (maybe with an info note - only for vodafone users)

I see this build 160 update notification also on my screen since end of last week