Software update: FP5 A.13 SMR11/FP5.TT4H.A.162.20240609

Hi everyone,

A new security patch update based on Android 13 is now available to Fairphone 5 users.

Other Improvements: Security patch level: 5th of June, 2024
Update size: 63.91 MB


Nice! Although I don’t see the update (yet). Is there a reason we were 3 monthly updates behind? Isn’t the FP5 the flagship that gets monthly updates?


Thank you @Ioiana_Luncheon for the update.

@UPPERCASE while a bit of exaggeration never hurts, I can’t really see three months here.
In June one would expect May update, as before, while instead (with a bit of delay I admit, but closer to two weeks than a month) we got an update for June, so now we are ahead:)

The reason, my wild guess is that Android 14 is in the beta oven for almost three weeks now and perhaps things are not going that smoothly

Edit. The update went smoothly

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I don’t think it has ever been more than a month behind?

Looking at it has been pretty consistent

Maybe your carrier is slow at approving builds? Or there was some issue with it?

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I was hoping for Android 14 after the hints in the last newsletter. Well, there’s always next month…


I’m still on the April update and it’s almost July, that’s 3 months :nerd_face: Which itches close to the security policy set by my work and could still render my phone useless to access my work related stuff. It has happened to me already a few times and the FP5 isn’t even a year old. I find that concerning for their flagship. How will things be in 2 years? If I’m not mistaken FP then skips monthly updates (which they already do now). That would mean I have to buy a new phone in order to use it also for work. I hope I’m wrong of course, because then a Pixel might me more sustainable.

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This is indeed what happened, but not as you describe. In one instance FP didn’t monitor the tests and things were stuck longer than needed during the Christmas break. In another instance there was an issue with the update and FP didn’t fix it, they postponed the update. This isn’t the fault or responsibility of the carrier.

@UPPERCASE problem is on your side/provider… sp monthly ota for fp5 is every month from his launch in september …
i (on T-Mobile Czech) see update always in same day as anyone write about in here on forum…

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Fair enough, now I see what you mean. With some delays bimonthly updates risk going beyond the security framework, rendering the phone useless (in certain work contexts obviously, I for example don’t need to worry about that and can still perform my work on a not so updated phone).

I will not comment on the carrier/FP situation, as it is not transparent to me in most of the cases what is the reasons for the delays.

I think it would be nice to get a company statement about the roadmap for updates, but don’t see it as realistic at the moment. Still, it could be good to raise with the support so they are aware of the issue, and could also give them the idea about the number of users potentially affected.

Every monthly update comes with many important security fixes. Everyone is affected, regardless if your work has a security policy in place :slight_smile:


Update went without any issues on two phones here. But it seems the update was still a little bit later than the previous one (didn’t check exact dates). My phone reported an uptime of 990 hours before it restarted for this update, which translates into 41 days.
And one more thing: When I followed the link in the updater to get more info on the web, the website didn’t even know that update existed, so there wasn’t more info at all.
Nevertheless, it’s running fine and I’m looking forward to the big update.

Can you please arrange for an image for version 162 to be made available on the download page. Currently only 157 is the latest version. Would be nice, thank you

Not listed on FP5 download yet, but you can simple replace version in url filename to current ;⁠-⁠)

Thank you, but I just only need the boot image. Not the whole file, will last about 3 hours to download it. I’ll try it anyway, will see what happens :wink:

If need boot img, then you can grab it,
if rooted, ota installed and before reboot,
using dd from other slot, current slot check using:

su -
getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix

Sorry, my fault - is just the same procedure like rooting the phone. Was in the meaning, that I can download only the boot.img. Now it is patched and rooted again. Thank you-