Software update: FP4.TP2D.C.0112.20240313

@kfair I’ve raised a ticket with FP and I’m waiting their answer. I’ll raise it with EE when I get a reply…

Well, I’ve had no reply since last week from Fairphone, though they did send me an automatic ‘tell us how we did’ mail - and it opened a blank page! However, the software update has just arrived via EE so I don’t know if we sped things up or EE were just checking it before release, but it’s currently installing as I type this @kfair and fellow EE users!

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Thanks @Kenny

It looks like you are right, I have just updated my phone as when I checked after your post it was there.

Seems a bit of a coincidence it arrived after you raised a ticket but maybe it was.

I got the update on Thursday 9-May on virtual network 1p Mobile carried by EE. It seems I received the update several days after other EE users, perhaps because I’m on a virtual network carried by EE.

I’m slightly concerned that I’m on the latest update as soon as I could be, but the security update is dated 5-Mar-24 so that’s already 2 months old!

No. I’ve just remembered that since both my FP3 and FP4 are on beta channels I’m no reference, though this has worked in the past, see for e.g.

et seq.

Yes, “March 5th” is (today, May 17th) the latest FP4 security update, apparently Fairphone has decided that security updates every other month are enough for older products… :frowning_face:

To be honest, they claim to be “fair”, not “safe”… :stuck_out_tongue:

i accpet that my phone is going be just fairly safe but even the fp5 is a month behind even after the lastest update

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Nah, that’s normal (Fairphone normal…): Security updates have always been a month late, but at least till recently they were monthly. :frowning_face:

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