Software update: FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905 | Upgrade to Android 13

Since the Android 13 update I have had a few problems,.

Holding the power button down doesn’t bring up the Shutdown menu, I have to shut it down with the quick menu option, I feel the vibrate but no menu comes up. If I hold it long enough the phone does shutdown though.

My bluetooth heart monitor is no longer working on any app, despite connecting ok.

On the lockscreen the media controls for my podcast app, spotify and vlc seem temperamental as often it seems to take 5 presses before it responds with either the play or pause button, other times it works first time.

I also still have the lack of response on the screen when it lays on a flat surface, I didn’t have this problem before the ghost touch fix (I never had the ghost touch issue).

None of these are major issue but annoyances that weren’t there before.

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For me the update went OK. There is only one issue with Neutron Music Player that obviously cannot find flac files in A13, but that has nothing to do with FPOS

Thats a new Android 13 feature and can be changed back to previous behaviour, search the settings for “power”


Thanks for that. Slightly unfortunately, translation of settings means that you need to search for a translated term. In Dutch, it’s “aan/uit knop”.

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For German it is:

“Ein-/Aus-Taste gedrückt halten”

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It can be reached without searching via 'Settings > System > Gestures > Press & hold power button’. (I think thats useful information that can be more easily adapted thansearch terms for different language settings.)


Its possible that there is some incompatibiity with the specific 3G/4G/5G/whatever-Network used by Orange, which Fairphone wants to resolve before delivering the update to affected users without holding it back for everyone else.

Useful yes and still needs the same translation steps :speak_no_evil:

Hmm, not necessarily. I switched my german settings to english to find the setting because I didn’t realize it was sorted under ‘system’. Search only triggers on exact matches, navigation can be performed by humans reasonably well with fuzzy-patternmatching. :man_shrugging:


This happened to me last year and only at a certain part of town. I don’t think it’s Android 13 exclusive.

Thank you so much, I wasnt aware of that and don’t know why it would change it to Digital assistant by default.

I’m waiting for the update, it’s not here yet :slight_smile:

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See Black Screen Issue After Android 13 Update, you’re not the only one.

Same over here. Still no update.
I do wonder why. :frowning:

I’d perfer that FP would suspend the deliverey of A13 for the FP4 until the cases of black screen after update are investigated. Perhaps they have already stopped it. I’m definitely not interested in having an unusable device! That would definitley be my last Fairphone due to unreliable Software.


As for a change, something positive about the update:

After a normal use, my phone usually had a state of charge of about 40% in the evening. After extensive use I sometimes had to recharge a little.
Now, just after 17h, it still has 70% and I used it quite normally which, I think, is pretty amazing.


Maybe they do a phased roll out and since some people experience issues after the update, maybe they put it on hold for now.

nope, the update first appeared for me (German Telekom) when 20 minutes ago I started a manual search.