Software update: FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905 | Upgrade to Android 13

Pleasantly surprised that I received the upgrade just now.
My provider is Youfone on the network kpn (Netherlands).
Upgrade went smoothly. My leancher Lean Leancher and all my icons are still in place.

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Downloaded and installed.

The Material you color palette is working, I mean that now can be modified.
Also the color accent is working with compatible Material you apps, with Android 12 it wasn’t.
Themed icons are working, despite labeled in “Beta”.
Using the stock launcher (Quickstep).
Before this update I had Nova Launcher, but removed it before starting the installation, to test the stock environment.

The search bar doesn’t disappear now, however with a long press it gives the At a glance preferences.

For the brightness fix I will try tomorrow, since there is no sun at the moment.

It seems a stable update for me, no regression.

Great job.


Then it’s the same as on the FP5. Very odd they fix it like this. Because the search bar is like this since Android 12, but it should be at the bottom. Now it blocks the At a Glance widget for another year? :see_no_evil:


Did someone notice that the Android System Intelligence App likes to be updated, but can’t by Google Play because it lists the device as not compatible?

The moving stuff seems to be just a wave form on the progress bar of the song. So impressive :thinking:


Oh, thanks.
I missed those statements from Yasen.

Did you try to update the Google Play services?
I did it several times, because there was several updates, going to Settings → Device info → Android version.
Tap on the Google Play version and it should try to find some updates.


I’m still not entirely convinced that this is how it’s supposed to work though. When you look at basically any other phone with stock Android, it has the search bar at the bottom and the At a Glance widget at the top.

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Yes, as you mentioned, several updates and reboots pending, but still afterwards existing.

This existed in Android 12 too, I reckon it’s a stylized tally light.

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Upgrade went through smoothly yesterday, and haven’t noticed any problems since. Also, I like how the margins at the top and bottom of my screen got smaller, there seems to be more space for actual content now. Cheers for another successful upgrade!


I updated yesterday and today i noticed that my phone sometimes restarts without warning. It happened 4 times today. Does anyone have the same issue?

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Upgraded my FP4 to Android 13 and it died after restart. Just seeing the Fairphone Splash Screen and then Black-Screen (but illuminated).

Discussed in this topic pleaese dont further duplicate here


Any idea why phones with an Orange sim card would not receive the update? And would Orange phones without a SIM, or temporarily with a non Orange SIM suddenly receive the update?

To mee this seems to be random. The last Update (B.089) showed up at my phone almost 3 weeks after the release. C.073 now was there immediately.

However, I can say, this updates has fixed a lot of tiny problems. Such as one of my widgets which always disapeared on my (custom-) desktop after chargeing the phone. Fixed.

So far I did not experience any problem with Android 13. Rooting with Magisk also works like always.

So: thanks for the update! :+1:

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So I got it figured out. Whatever launcher is active at startup determines whether the Themed Icons option is there. After that, the option will remain visible, even if the launcher is changed to one that doesn’t support Themed Icons.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set launcher to QS
  2. Reboot
  3. Note that themed icons can be selected
  4. Switch launcher to e.g. Microsoft Launcher
  5. See 3
  6. Reboot
  7. Note that themed icons can not be selected
  8. Switch launcher to QS
  9. See 7

Updated yesterday, but this uodate didn’t resolve the issue of low touch sensitivity and broken pinch zoom when smartphone is on a table… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Since the Android 13 update I have had a few problems,.

Holding the power button down doesn’t bring up the Shutdown menu, I have to shut it down with the quick menu option, I feel the vibrate but no menu comes up. If I hold it long enough the phone does shutdown though.

My bluetooth heart monitor is no longer working on any app, despite connecting ok.

On the lockscreen the media controls for my podcast app, spotify and vlc seem temperamental as often it seems to take 5 presses before it responds with either the play or pause button, other times it works first time.

I also still have the lack of response on the screen when it lays on a flat surface, I didn’t have this problem before the ghost touch fix (I never had the ghost touch issue).

None of these are major issue but annoyances that weren’t there before.

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