Software update: FP4.FP4I.A.175.20221207

I like to decide myself when to update my systems (phone, PC, server). It should not be read as “I don’t update forever”.

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For the next few weeks I am not at home. That is the real blocker.
I remember you described to process needed to update a rooted phone. But I couldn’t find your posting. Would you mind to post it again and/or pointing me into re right direction?

Thank you, is disabled. Does that prevent updates even after the 29 days period?

Still no vibration intensity option available and I still didn’t get a reply to the ticket that I opened on the 18th of december… :frowning:

The last ticket I opened said 5 to 6 working days (minimum)

Well the 18th was a Sunday so, 19, 20, 21, 22 we are only on day four. You’ll be lucky to hear much this year given 24, 25 26 which are weekends and holidays etc. etc. etc. 2023

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Yeah, not being home sounds like a good reason not to mess with the system :slightly_smiling_face:

The instructions are at the bottom of this post, once you need them.
If you have problems, you can follow up over in that topic.


Strange, I just noticed a couple of my FP4’s settings got reset after installing FP4.FP4I.A.175.20221207
This, or my phone is becoming sentient…

After installing FP4.FP4I.A.175.20221207, settings like “immediate fingerprint unlock” and “automatic WiFi switching” got reset to “on”. Other settings stayed put though, fortunately.

Did anybody else experience this?

Just a co-incident ~ I am just writing up on sentience and abuse but I’m sure the secret is communictaion and the phone is just a vehicle for the word of Google.

Dann kann man gespannt sein die bisherigen Updates gingen reibungslos über die Bühne! Weiter so!:rainbow::pray:t3:

25 degrees above freezing point are indeed a good reason for not beieng at home. :smile:

Is it really that easy? The process ist safe?

That was to be expected correct :slight_smile:

But they just got back to me saying the will recognize my support/feature request for future developments!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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It is, and it hasn’t failed me so far, but as always, wouldn’t try it without backups.

The updates frequently mess up settings. I also gave up on Firefox shortcuts on the home screen. They are removed with every update. Also other settings sometimes get reset. Best is to #contactsupport.

I didn’t notice any settings getting reset this time though. But it happens.

Sure. As long as (worst case) there is a way back if it fails…

Oh no, it’s really just a minor annoyance.
I was just wondering if it’s something “normal”, or if there was something wrong with my phone.
Now I know that after an update I’ll have to check the settings, that’s something I can live with (even more if there is any kind of pattern on what gets reset). Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

(BTW, FWIW, I had Firefox in one of the 5 ubiquitous bottom buttons, and it did stay put.)

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Good to know Firefox shortcuts remain now. But it’s not normal and to me is an indication of something that may one day cause major issues after an update. I hope they’ll improve. It definitely is not something Google does. I had a Pixel for 3 years, updates went smooth and did not change any settings for me.

That’s not the point. It’s a shortcut to a website, you placed on your home screen, that might disappear.

I guess it’s the pixel devs taking a little more time to make sure they don’t enforce settings which might have been changed by the user… As opposed to just throwing in the standard config files and overwriting any existing user modifications.


Here’s a link to the if someone needs it.

No issues with the Magisk OTA update procedure, everything worked fine, as expected.

@formerFP.Com.Manager Could we please get updated factory images for this release :pray: the install script of the available ones has been broken for months now … :roll_eyes:


Here’s a link to the if someone needs it.

Hi, do you have a pointer to get infos how to use this? I am quite new to the FP community and some additional info I would appreciated very much