Software update: FP4.FP3T.A.0107

At least that’s how I remember it was with the FP3: You had to swap the SIM card to receive an update which was blocked by your provider. Removing the SIM card only wasn’t enough.


FP does not have a public Beta group?
Do they only internal beta testing, without the community?

No the beta testing is not internal without community, its just not public for everyone.


Thanks, I used the OTA to update the vendor blobs for LineageOS or other custom roms: GitHub - xblax/android_vendor_fairphone_FP4


I am seeing the update as available for my device (in USA, T-Mobile).


I just did the update and found, that all links from the startpage are deleted. Links means websites pinned at the startpage via browser fuction, but also routes from Google maps, which is very annoying. I think, this happened never before, I did have one update with this FP4.


With start page you mean the launcher? My browser shortcuts were also gone after the update. Maybe it was an update for the launcher which didn’t preserve these :frowning:

Yes, in the app it is called Startpage, but in fact it is the launcher.

Yeah, that happened to me too. It also sometimes happens after a restart. But I’m not really sure if this is a problem of Chrome or Android (or launcher).

I think, it is not app related, because in my case it was one Opera link, and four Google Maps links. It seems to be launcher related.


Mine were Firefox links. So then indeed we can point at the common factor, the launcher.

Installed and running with no issues.

Agreed. Mine did not vanish, but then I’m using Lawnchair 11 (hm, I should upgrade). I guess this problem is specific to Quickstep.

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Hi, I still didn’t receive the update, i am on February patch. When it might arrive?

Eh, might take some time, my phone doesn’t have it yet either. Might take a week or two :confused:

Thanks for the response. I know it might take some time (step-wise release), but 10 days seem quite long. I am new here, so i need to familiarize myself with the release cycle

Which carrier do you use?

I am using 4ka

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The update arrived today :blush: so the wait is over :relaxed: thanks for the smooth experience

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