Software update: FP3/FP3+ 6.A.025.0

No info on the release page or the forum, but today the phone ask me to install 6.A.025.0.

I’ll wait for more intel before updating, as we know that sometimes updates can lead to breaking previous improvements of normal behaviour.


Hi, 6.A.025.0 is just a security update (5 of february). Nothing more. (I’m a beta tester, I received this update a few weeks ago, everything’s fine)


Thank you, just checked and it was available for Vodafone Germany too. Installation went flawlessly, let’s see what was changed beside the patch level.

Sure that nothing was changed? Looks like the automatic screen brightness adjustment works with a lower changing rate now, it was a little bit erratic how it behaved before.

Release notes are up now.

Fairphone OS version 025.0

Release date: 26th Feb 2024
Android version: 13
Software Version: 6.A.025.0
Security Patch Level: 5th Feb 2023


  • Updated security patch level


I think they fix something with the bluetooth as well, now I can connect to external speakers again (after Android 13 update, I have always had problems). More than once I had the impression that, even when the update is only a security update, they fix some other elements as well.

Thank you @Sideness for your feedback and @urs_lesse for the notes


Hmmm… I definitely have a battery discharge issue since the update :worried:.
Overnight my phone lost 45% battery and went off, while usually it probably loose 5% max battery overnight.

I noticed the battery drain these days, but now I am sure of it

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Hi there, I still haven’t received this software update on my FP3. I am living in the Netherlands, and I’m on Simyo-NL. Is it usual that the rollout takes that long?

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The same here. My FP3+ is still on build 6.A.023.1. Usually I get these updates right away, but not this time. I’m on KPN-NL.

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Hello @King-brioche. I did not thought that it could be caused by the update, but I feel that my phone is discharching quicker since the update indeed. I cannot verify that. Did you reported your concerns to support?

Nope as I did not know about the support, but I recommend to perform the same actions as I did. At least I can tell it worked for me :wink: