Software Update: Fairphone 4 FP3W.A.0128.20220516

Oh yes, that’s really very important :wink:


All FP4 updates are named something with FP3 whoever had that “great” idea is unclear…however you are def safe to update ,you would never see an update for the FP3 on the FP4.


The update worked flawlessly.


Updated without issues and for the first time network settings like roaming were not changed, yay!


Well played @RSpliet! :wink: Also, a bit of a sport to align the time the update goes live with the time the social posts and forum post go live. Let’s see who gets it first next time! :joy:


Nice, but no solution for the problems with the camera API?
@rae can we hope for some solution for in one of the next updates?

I don’t want to be unfair, but I think there are many people who are much more interested in this than for

  • Added automatic power-off when idle in Fastboot mode for 10 minutes.


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Hi @juri.gagarin.ii,

Great to see that Razem has already contacted our customer support team. In general, this is really the best way to get the most updated answers. And when tickets are created it also helps our team understand how many people, which regions etc. certain issues affect. So as has been said before… please always #contactsupport.

In the meantime though, thanks for sharing this wiki! I’ll make sure to share this more widely internally too. :slight_smile:


And even more people would be happy if the proprietary kernel drivers and libraries for the camera would be disclosed. that the custom ROM users and builders would have something from it.


I did as requested and contacted support with a link to the thread.
Let’s see what will come out :slight_smile:

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My FP4 Stuck in FP3T.A.107.20220316 (Android 11) - April 4, 2022, two versions behind the newest. At what point the argument “wait a bit” is not valid anymore?

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Hi @vismajor1,

I think 2 mounths is higher than usual… have you tried to remove your SIM card, and try to update via Wi-Fi ?
Fairphone can delay software updates for some network providers in case of known issues

Hi @ManuHry,
thanks for your reply. I tried: remove sim, restart, update with wifi. The Update is still not working. My provider is simon mobile by vodafone Germany. Also i have two friends with the same FP4, same provider, same problem.
I will try again to remove the sim card for a few hours and check update again.

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Yes, that is always annoying

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The update went smoothly. Interestingly, my Chrome shortcuts on the home screen remained intact after this update. Hope it stays that way in future updates as well. :smiley: No Google Play system update yet, as already pointed by @RSpliet.


Downloaded and installed the update, everything went smooth.

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Installed smoothly as well, bonus: the update doesn’t disable the roaming anymore :slight_smile:


The solution was to reset the google service framework and google play services in the app menu. Then the update apperas.


Great news @vismajor1, thanks for this information :slight_smile:
By my side, I just got 1st May update for Google Play system (about 28MB)

Unfortunately my Firefox shortcuts were removed again.


Did the WiFi 5 connection Stability improved? I always loses WiFi connection when I use WiFi 5, so I only on WiFi 2,4ghz. Support couldn’t help me with this problem.