Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

You could also reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth
You should find these settings at SettingsSystemAdvancedReset options
(You will then need to re-add all your Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks).

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Installed the update yesterday. Everything went well and some things (scrolling, for example) is smoother.

Thanks Fairphone-Team!

The only thing I am not happy about, is the fact that the alignment of the clock in the status bar is still broken:
While on the right side everything is correct, alignment on the left side is weird again.


This has been an issue on the FP3 since 2020 and has never been fixed (although support said at that time this will be solved soon). And now there is the same bug introduced in Android 11.

Seems like correct alignment of the clock is some rocket science :grin:

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Speech service localization is errornous. Speech service has a bug since Oct 2021, when it became clear, that english language is always used at first usage of that app. Only after the first use and only if the second use is within some minutes the localization changes to the phones localization. This fallback to the english language localization happens everytime speech service has not been used for some time.

As the bug is know since Oct. 2021. I wonder why in Android 11 an newer version of Speech Services than that of 30.09.2021 has been used. Effectively, a roll-back doesn’t work anymore (tested), so… with Android 11 came the import of a well-know bug.

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Hi all,

I just updated my FP3 to Android 11 today. The process was pretty smooth and I haven’t experienced any actual problems (as far as I am aware, at least).

One thing I am surprised about is the lack of IKEv2 VPN profiles in the VPN settings. My understanding is that Android 11 added IKEv2, and I have confirmed this on a Samsung Android 11 device. However, it seems to be missing from the Fairphone build.

Is anyone able to confirm that it is also missing for them, and whether there’s any particular reason for its absence?



Hi and welcome to the forum

Your first links points to an Android 12 component.

Fairphone 3+ on T-Mobile here(well it’s a FP3 but I upgraded the cameras myself)
Well my phone is now nonfunctional. All calls can only be done over speakerphone, unless headphones plugged in or bluetooth is used.

Also, there is now a x on the cell signal indicator, though I can still send texts. Multiple reboots have not fixed this.

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Did you check your APN settings, did you search for this problem further above or check here?

Hi, and thanks.

The first link is not to a version-specific page - it’s a general overview, which also includes references to the latest release of Android. However, if you scroll down to the section titled “Available Modules” you will see that the module, implementing IPsec/IKEv2, was made available in Android 11.

The following text is also included on the page linked from that section (Perpustakaan IPsec/IKEv2  |  Android Open Source Project)

In Android 11, the IPsec/IKEv2 Library module’s IKEv2 negotiation library is the platform’s default implementation of an IKEv2 client, supporting initial establishment, periodic re-key, dead peer detection, and handoff.

I understand that’s just a module, but again - I have another Android 11 device here where the native Android VPN client includes IKEv2 VPNs as an option. So I’m leaning towards guessing that the module might not be installed as part of the Fairphone Android 11 build (full disclosure though: I know very little about how Android is structured and built).


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OK reading this :slight_smile:

Yeah, and just spotted the following clarification:

The settings below are from pure Android 11.x. These exact settings may not present on all Android devices, depending on the Android version and changes made by the OEM.

So it seems like a confirmation that the Fairphone variant is not using the IPsec/IKEv2 module that was made available in Android 11.

I’m probably inclined to assume that it’s just a missing option in the build configuration, and not a hard technical limitation. Would anyone have a suggestion for how best to request that feature for the next update?

Other than emailing support@ not really

I’d like to clarify this doubt. You will not find but you should find since this is part of GPSU and is mandatory since it will be verified in CTS.


Thanks for the clarification - was a typo on my part, and should have instead said

If the module is required to be included in order to obtain certification, is it perhaps just the VPN Client that is not updated (or otherwise running with a non-standard/old configuration) ?

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After upgrading to Android 11 I now often notice that the mobile data is broken. I can fix it tempory by activating/deactivating the flight mode. Some hours later having the same issue again. Maybe this is usefull: meanwhile I have been connected to a wifi-network. “On the road again” mobile data is broken.

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You are not alone, please see above

1 potential fix

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Thanks for the hint @yvmuell . I’ve just removed all stored 5G Wifi from the phone. Will see in the next days wether this helps or not. I’m going to update this thread next week.

cheers Detlef

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I may have reacted too quickly. Seems that the x rather indicates that I have 4G turned off. I am still able to send and recieve texts and calls through tmobile, but the indicator on Android 11 shows an x next to the cell indicator.

I am still having the issue with calls all having to be done on speaker though.

Hi, It seems that the update changed my camera photos storage location from SD-card to internal memory. I can´t remember where was I supposed to change it back in the settings. Can anyone give the path, please? Thanks.

It seems that my phone did something similar. Before the update I had formatted my SD card and set camera´s photos to go there. Now, after the update the photos are going to the internal memory again and I can´t find the switch anywhere to make them go to the SD-card again. Where is it?

As some people mentioned above, it is no more possible to save directly the photos from the default (all?) camera app. It is a “feature” of Android 11.