Software update: 6.A.029.0-gms-d294663c

Hi all,

A new software update based on Android 13 is now available to Fairphone 3 users.

Here is a summary of the changes/fixes:

  • Security patch level: 5th of June 2024
  • Added an option to switch button order on the navigation bar
  • Minor SFR changes for APN settings and correcting the User Agent

I haven’t received the update yet on my FP3, and I’m happy with the order of the buttons on my navigation bar… but it’s great that after four and a half years since its release, there are still updates with new features like this one. Thank you very much, Fairphone team :slight_smile:.

Edit: I received the update yesterday and it went smoothly.


Hello, does anyone have a phone number that would allow me to talk to a real person and try and solve my problems?

If you mean the FP support, they switched to the live chat now, but still human operated:)

If you mean the fellow user, you could try contacting a Fairphonr Angel in your local area:)


From contactsupport :