Software Update: 3.A.0134.20211116

Hey all,

would love to hear more feedback from people that have installed this latest update - everything still working well? No new bugs introduced?

After the major FP fuck-up regarding the caller ID issue fix I am very reluctant to instantly allow new updates, security issues getting fixed or not…


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Does what it says on the can for me anyway (i.e. no change of functionality or behaviour). Some people with persisting caller ID problems may see an improvement (though none reported yet AFAIK)
No change to brightness


@amoun I just hope that you don’t work for Fairphone. I noticed several times while browsing the forum that you are pretty persistent in defending the company in terms of denying or rendering unimportant any sort of flaws that “I single customer” experience. And you are so damn good in turning facts over and manipulating the statistics to defend some points of your belief that I simply feel it right to post it here, yet is is an absolute off-topic. Please take it personally. Apologies to the rest of the community.


I am

Ok it’s off topic and there is a place for that, but no problem I do understand it is your personal problem and that you get over it soon :slight_smile: No apologies given none required.

But to clarify any doubt ~ I would not recommend the Fairphone to anyone ~ but that doesn’t stop me from supporting the paths they have made into achieving the Fairtrade gold and the Cobalt Alliance.

However this topic is about the latest update to the FP3 and I have absolutely no problem with it. I recommend anyone you has an FP3 to read the posts about it to know what is happening ~ not much really it seems. It’s a behind the scenes security update.

Your use of the all encompassing ‘we’ did not include me nor I assess the majority of FP3 owners so you are challenged on that. End of or not end of it matters not to me, but thee maybe.

Enjoy, the day, the phone, when you can and that you have a better consciousness from buying into a fairer market. It’s fairer not fair by the way and I have no doubt some people find the screen too bright at minimal settings.

Should you continue to make your personal opinions on me public I will reply next time via the linked topic firstmentioned.

All the best

Right, I can answer my own request now -
gave in yesterday and installed the update and can confirm that so far everything seems to work normal and as expected on my FP3+ :sweat_smile:


Ehm, is it just me or is the FP3 depleding the battery faster then befor the update?

I had a similar notion. Usually my battery drops around 2% over a 12 hours night when in aeroplane mode ~ then just after the update it lost 14%.

I eventually put it down to the fact that I charged it in a warm environment of some 20° and it was about 6° in the morning. So when I stopped charging it was reading high on a low charge and in the morning low on a higher charge than it indicated.

However it all seems to be a bit more ‘normal’ now.

You may want to do some checks over a few days etc. Check also some app didn’t get initiated and it is dialling out frequently. Best to check overnight when you can run in just aeroplane mode so there is no network or wifi etc for apps to use

Cannot confirm, battery life seems normal to md

I’ve not noted a significant difference either.

Sometimes battery consumption can increase temporarily after an update due to tasks which update data, such as indexing.
Also, as I’m in the habit of updating apps at the same time, it’s not always easy to attribute a change of behaviour to the OS update.

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My screen is sooo brite now… :disappointed::disappointed:

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Briteness is way too strong. My wife fp3+ on A132 can lower the briteness much more then mine… feels like stering into sun on mine at night, but hers is like the moon


I’m still curios, whether the phones are so different, or the personal feeling.
Are you guys working in a coal mine or reading secretly under the bed sheet, so that you are using your phones mostly in the dark :wink:?
Mine is absolutely ok with the current settings, with the old firmware, it went far too dark.

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Yes, we use it in bed at night.

For so long it was too Brite, maybe a hole year? But then it was fix! Finally :grin:

But now I’m back at blowing my eyeballs out with this light cannon display.:weary:

My wife has not opdated, so she able to “control how Brite it should be” why not just make it op to the user what level I want :sob:


:trophy: i feel you bro, the photons are raping my Pineal Gland…


We understood already, you don’t have to comment every single post :wink: .
Maybe you can ask for some sun glasses for Christmas :mrs_claus:.

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Sooo brite…,

Okay I’m done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was really annoyed by the brightness issue myself, but then I read this post:

Now I am using Twilight as a workaround. The result is virtually identical to when the minimum brightness level was lower.


When using Twilight and taking screenshots, are these screenshots tinted/darkened or “normal”? For me, one of the most annoying drawbacks of screen filter apps is that I can’t take normal screenshots, because the apps just draw a layer above the screen that gets screenshot too.


It’s darkened. Hadn’t noticed this problem yet since I only use the filter temporarily (in bed).

Twilight is fine, but sadly it doesn’t replace the softness of true low brightness. I used Twilight for a year and unlocking my phone at night to check what time it was was really painful and used to made my brain quit sleep enough to start some few insomnia.

I am currently refusing the update to 3.A.134 because my eyes were too painful at night before true low brightness was available. The previous update made me love my FP3 so much more. Low brightness is that important for me.