Software Update: 3.A.0132.20211027

Hi everyone,

When reporting about updates I suggest that we systematically indicate which version we’ve just installed. I know of at least two for FP3 recently in circulation, 3.A.0130 that was never officially announced in this forum and which reached some French users, and 3.A.0132 officially announced by this thread. There may be others!

Thanks for helping to keep things clear! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good!
I hope the “unknown caller” problem is fixed for you too.

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Well, if this update only fixes the bugs mentioned in its notes (why wasn’t the backlight mentioned? :sweat:), I see no security problem by skipping it. I’m using my phone in an unlit room and would really love to lower the backlight waaay down again like before.

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The brightness level change is mentioned and the update to Security Patch Level: 5th of November, 2021 also.


Well, if you want to skip Android security updates too…

Just installed the update and the brightness issue seems to be gone. I had a different bug in my bluetooth*, which seems to be fixed as well.

*when tapping the bluetooth icon in the drop down menu in the lock screen, so before logging in, the screen would turn off.

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Great to see that it got fixed. Hopefully the beta tester community will be setup soon so we can prevent long standing issues like we’ve seen with the previous update.

Also great to see that the patch level on the Fairphone is now higher then on my Pixel 3 (my phone is discontinued of course, it will get one final update in December).

My Fairphone will arrive halfway December. I hope they will fix some other UI things in the notification bar before then.

Good Morning. I have installed the upade, but I still have the unknown caller problem … What could I have done wrong? I have restartet several times …

As @OldRoutard already mentioned above, please check which update you have installed.

Are you really on the 3.A.0132 update?

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Hm … there is no other update available. But - honestly - I don’t really know, where I can check which update I have installed. There is only shown (in german): “Sicherheitsupdate 5. November”.

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Schau in Einstellungen->Über das Telefon->Build-Nummer, das steht ganz unten.


Vielen Dank! Ja, es ist tatsächlich das 3.A.0132 update …

Wer ist Dein Telefonanbieter?

Which provider do you use?

Vodafone Deutschland

YEAH YEAH YEAH! :partying_face:

@rae: Thank you so much! This update has really been way overdue, took a very long time, but finally these issues are solved and the phone is usable again in daily life. No more unknown callers, no more random low brightness issues, for me the update fixed the worst. That’s good.

I just hope that Fairphone has learned from this incident and will no more release updates in the future that remove or mess up previous features.


I have had the exact same Bluetooth icon bug right from the beginning of using the FP3. Has never been fixed. Also, when I have Bluetooth turned on and then switch flight mode on – after switching flight mode off, bluetooth never comes back on. I always have to do that manually and then experience the above mentioned bug which means I have to hit the Bluetooth icon three times until it finally is switched back on.

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Automatic brightness level works much better now, thanks!

Please report these bugs. And remind support that it’s not fixed when a new update is released. That’s the best you can do to put these things on the agenda. Especially if these are easily reproducible bugs.

WiFi hotspot works for me on Vodafone DE with v3.A.0132.2021027.


Direkt oder über einen weiteren Anbieter? Mobilcom-Debitel z.B. oder ähnliches?
Wie hast Du getestet?