Software Update: 3.A.0132.20211027

Unfortunatly the same in actual FP4 release. And not fixed in this FP4 Version.



Available in Germany… i have high hopes… dont dissapoint me again fp

I just installed the new update and still have the issue that I can’t see who called me. :frowning:

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Which provider in which country do you use?
Did you check, that the installation was successful?

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Oh! Thanks for the information, then I will not yet do the update (I am still on the software version with working caller IDs, as I skipped the previous one).

Do you use Vodafone Germany?

With Vodafone Germany it works now:


Thank you, I was not aware that you updated your post :wink:

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Hello, since i updated my fairphone 3 i get issues with this game :

the ui is disapearing randomly during the game and never comes back (wich make the game unplayable)

is there anyway to come back to an older version or fix the issue ?


FP3+ user here with Magisk (root), was able to successfully install this update by restoring stock boot image in magisk + installing ota update (without rebooting) + reinstall magisk with OTA option and then reboot. I did need my laptop to set the boot slot to B but after that all was grand :+1:.

For those of you that run a module to force basic attestation pass… I don’t run one so don’t know if that would be affected by the update.

Thanks for taking the time to push out the update FP team :grin:!


Hi, Vodafone from Italy update received and installed! I’d like to notify that the update’s message was referring only about security update (5th of November), no mention of these bugs fixs.


Vodafone Germany and yes the update was successful


Then check, whether you made some changes to your settings, as it was not working with the older software. 2G/3G/4G for example.

I tested my phone now with calls from Vodafone and O2 both in my contact list and both worked.

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The Bluetooth icon bug is still there.

Which Bluetooth icon bug?
Anyway, it’s not mentioned in the ‘List of changes’. So it would be more helpful to talk about the addressed bugs, and not what wasn’t addressed.

P.S.: You mean that you have to tap the BT icon twice to enable it? I have that too, but as I said, it wasn’t mentioned in the list of changes.

You have to hit the Bluetooth icon 2 times. You tap once it lights up then switch back to off. Bluetooth does not come on. You do it a second time then it works as expected. It was mentioned in the forum a while ago because it persists over 2 or 3 updates and does to this day

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I edited my post already. But what about the reported changes? Are they working now with your phone? Send some positive vibes :wink:.

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I try the unknown caller fix when my wife is finished with her work. Wich is in 20 minutes. Then I will report :wink:

VF Germany, successfully updated. Caller ID and brightness OK. :+1:


You need her permission? :wink:

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No. But her phone to call my phone. :wink: