Software Update: 3.A.0132.20211027

I edited my post already. But what about the reported changes? Are they working now with your phone? Send some positive vibes :wink:.

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I try the unknown caller fix when my wife is finished with her work. Wich is in 20 minutes. Then I will report :wink:

VF Germany, successfully updated. Caller ID and brightness OK. :+1:


You need her permission? :wink:

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No. But her phone to call my phone. :wink:

Please, could 2-3 people with Vodafone DE or O2 DE test whether WiFi hotspot works i.e. the issue reported for v3.A.0130 is not present in v3.A.0132.2021027? I can live well with missing caller ID and backlight issue is not too much interfering, but missing WiFi hotspot would be a major issue for me - so I’d prefer to stick to older v3.A.0129.20210805…

I confirm VodafoneDE on 4G : unknown caller bug is fixed


Yep, same here, can confirm too.

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Can confirm this too (Bluetooth icon bug)…

Nope. Update’s description was “New security update”. Luckly I used to surf on this forum, other users (not in this forum) could argue that Fairphone has not fixed these bugs.

Well, I guess it’s better not to talk about something, but doing it right, than the other way :wink:.


Hi, the update is available for me. My provider is Vodafone Germany.
But now the very interesting thing:
I haven´t installed the update, but since today, i can see the caller ID.
Today in the evening i received a phonecall and i was really surprised that i could see who is
calling. So i took a look in the Forum…and i saw : the update is here…but i really haven’t installed it.
This is really spooky, what do you think

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1-2 weeks ago others had a few calls where they could see the number, but just shortly and the assumption was, that probably at this moment the FP3 was logged in the 2g Network not 4G, because of coverage?

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Got it in the Netherlands. No issues so far. (FP 3+)

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Apparently, by fixing the adaptive brightness dropping to zero, the minimal brightness setting was made brighter (again)! I can’t lower the brightness of the screen backlight as low as I could before the update - I’d like the lower backlight back, please :frowning:


Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Yes, what you are describing is what Fairphone said, it would happen with this update:


Thanks for the link! Too bad that it wasn’t really specified in the patch notes for this particular update (only a fix for adaptive brightness dropping to zero was mentioned, not reversing the minimal backlight brightness) or else I would have skipped this update.

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I understand, but skipping security updates is never a good idea, even if it helps with a different issue.


Here just installed the update. Vodaphone Netherlands.

I guess that’s not true because everyone was affected by brightness issue. Anyway, nice they have fixed it, that months were a pain.