Software update: 3.A.0101.20210420

never ending story. hihihi :slight_smile:


That should be of no consequence, since the issue in this case is that the OTA update doesn’t install :wink: .


Just got the update. Went smoothly and quite fast.
The annoying suggestions in the settings app are gone now, yippie :grinning:. And WifiCalling is possible now with Vodafone germany.
Thank you for the ongoing support and effort in solving the issues, not much left for me now.


I haven’t received any push notification yet (in Netherlands). Is it normal?

Yes, ist comes in waves and sometimes one provider needs langer than than the other.


Yes the roll out goes by networks. Apparently the update is sent to the networks over a period and each network checks it for viability. So some of the smaller networks probably get it later in the queue and then also are slower at verification. If one of these networks find an issue they will send it back to Fairphone who will work on any issues ensuring more delay.

You may like to post the name of your network here so others can chip in.

@Incanus :+1:


Yes, it depens on network,Vodafone in Italy took 1 day to roll it out (received yesterday). Anyway, you can remove your SIM, turn on the phone without it and manually check the update. With this tweak you can always receive the updates but maybe you can suffer some network issues (I did it for 0077 and 0 problems). :slight_smile:


I still have no push notifications (from Vodafone NL) but I can see the update in the settings menu.

Can you update via the menu then? You may be expecting too much from Vodafone it could take a week or two.

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I hat no notification either, just checked the settings menu and there it was.

bluetooth bug?

Could it be that the new update means that no music can be played via Bluetooth-connected speakers? It’s getting annoying. Aren’t you testing your software? There are test cases that have to be repeated as soon as something is released!



Hope you’re not directing your query to the users here as this is not an official Fairphone support forum?

What is the bluetooth bug you have?


Not here, works fine with a Marshall Killburn speaker.


Great, then it won’t affect all devices again and the error will not be reproducible for the time being. Annoying!


I wonder what you expect from Bluetooth. Functioning inconsistently has been kind of a trademark of Bluetooth since it has been around.
Doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying, though, you’re right with that.


Have you tried connecting when in aeroplane mode as this stops the three radios interfering on the 2.4GHz band?


have you already removed and re-paired those devices?

I am sure they’re testing their updates much more than before as they had a lot of issues with the Android 9 → 10 upgrade. That’s at least what Fairphone wrote on their blog.
And since you’re the only one so far with that issue it’s not even clear that this issue is related with the update.

Keep in mind: just because you’re connected with a bluetooth speaker doesn’t mean that this device is set as active for audio output.
You should be able to set the specific bluetooth device as active within the bluetooth settings with tapping on the specific device.


Yes my Marley Bag of Riddim II is fine, though|and I doubt you are the only one with a bluetooth connection problem :slight_smile:


I did the update last week (SFR France) with no problem.

All the bugs that annoyed me are fixed, but somehow I still cannot make the VoWifi call to work. When I activate it there is the logo in the toolbar, but sometimes it disappears.

This is not a big issue, but since my network is quite poor from home it would be very nice.

Hi @phineas

Check if you are using 2.4GHz on the wifi router as it is the same band as bluetooth and 4G network.

So if you want a connection via wifi use aeroplane mode and ensure bluetooth is off then connect to wifi, alternatively ensure you have the wifi set to 5Ghz only, though it has a much shorter range than 2.4Ghz

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