Software update: 3.A.0084.20210204

FP3: Seit dem letzten update im März 2021 funktionieren bei mir Anrufe meistens nicht. Ich höre kein Signal, der Anruf kommt meist nicht durch. Ärgerlich! Habe schon versucht die SIM Karte von Position 1 auf 2 zu stecken, hat nur kurzzeitig geholfen. Was kann ich noch probieren?

I have an official ticket with support for the problems of low volume when using hands free due to mic 1 not working ~ and the echoing. For details of experiments on this issue and updates see

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I bought a Fairphone 3+ less than two weeks ago. After setup I got this software-update and installed it.
The same day I tried videocalling with Whatsapp/Signal and ran immediately into the issues mentioned: The caller couldn’t hear me. Audio-calling other than normal phone gave the same problems when I tried to use the speaker.

I made a ticket but no answer yet.

In the meantime I flashed LineageOS 17.1. It was pretty easy and it solved problems I had with the official ROM. Normal calling is very clear, video calling with different apps are problem-free.

I hope the official ROM solves the issues but right now I’m happy with how the phone works.


An update over this software update:
I spoke with the seller of my Fairphone 3+ about the issues I’m experiencing. They offered a return for a new Fairphone.

So I did a stock ROM flash, version 8901.3.A.0054.20200929. Curious as I am, I tried a WhatsApp video call and everything works fine. Also the issue of poor video quality during a videocall, which I mentioned in the LineageOS 17.1 thread -here- disappeared.

So I’m going to flash the old version again -yay) before this software-update and keep it until a proper solution arrives.


Could you give a pointer on where to find that previous image image?

I’m affected by some microphone issues as described by this thread and want to make sure that it’s simply a software issue.

Also does flashing a different image void warranty? I’m not sure yet if I’ll have to ask for a refund so I don’t want to rule out the possibility ^^

Flashing doesn’t void the warranty but if you want official support you will have to re-flash the latest FOS ~ currently A10 0084

Are you looking for the 0054 version?

@Georg123 You can only get a refund by claiming within the 14 days after receipt of the phone, after that you are only entitled to a replacement unless Fairphone can’t fix the problem

Yup, as that is the one that worked for @martine ^^

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Is that something they decide to tell the customers and when? It is not that these issues just arrived yesterday…

@DeepSea I’m not sure what you are referring to exactly (updates, recognised problems, option for returns etc.) plus I’m sure you know this is a community forum and I have no idea of what decisions Fairphone make or prioritise let alone communicate with us mere mortals.


You can find the Fairphone OS versions here:


Recognised problems.

No need to hide, you are no target…

Three questions:
What does that mean?
Why would I be a target?
Hiding from whom?

Ok Fairphone no doubt get complaints, when there is a certain number of the same issue they no doubt do a test.

Once the test is done and if confirmation is acknowledged (recognised problem) I don’t think there is a general method to inform all users only those that have the complaint. I imagine some issue are related to network, wifi and apps installed so Fairphone wouldn’t assume that for each problem they are aware of it is proper to inform all users

Or to make it more simple: Fairphone don’t necessarily has to inform us. I guess we all would be happy by just getting the update that solves the problems mentioned in this thread :wink:

But as there is no update and fix yet, an information would be nice, too :joy:

Fairphone are unlikely to read the topics here so and definitely not all the posts ~ and then try to work out what is important, unlikely in the extreme.

So it makes sense Fairphone only respond to official support queries and respond to those users than can be bothered to make an official request.

Not sad :upside_down_face:

And for the download links here :sleeping:


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Just a couple of relevant notes about the call volume on hands free:

I see form the following post that video calls are understood to use only the top mic:(

and yet another post says this didn’t happen with A10 V0054 ??

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