Software update: 3.A.0077-20201221

@rae Hi

My query relates to complaints about loosing wifi calling, can you

a) confirm this is only a temporary measure with some networks
b) provide data on which networks have wifi calling enabled/disabled if is part of the 0077 design?

I exclusively use wifi calling so there would be no point in updating ~ and other users should be warned before taking an update which may disable wifi calling.

Luckily my EE in the UK hasn’t pushed it yet.

Wifi calling and VoLTE are still there on my phone,
But I agree that an explicit note is a must in case these two options were dropped intentionally for some carriers.
Cannot comment on WPA3, my router has yet to receive an update supporting it.

PS: I was still on Android 9, finally made the jump and it went smoothly.


Works since 0077 fine here.



Opened a new thread on that WPA3 issue to keep it organized:

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I noticed that the Wi-Fi frequency band option is gone. Since I moved to 2.4 GHz for testing purposes just recently I’m now locked to that band. Really annoying.

Also WPA 3 isn’t visible anymore (see above) on a Fritzbox 7490.

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*There is no FRITZ!Box 4790.

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Just some information… as a Vodafone user, my experience was great with 0066 and is also great now with 0077…


That’s nice. Does this mean that WPA3, VoLTE and VoWiFi work for you?

Regarding VoLTE and VoWIFI i can’t find references on Settings app, but I was and I am able to receive and have a call over wifi and 4G network (also during online session gaming … ). How can I check if WPA3 does work for me?

Had anyone tried this update on Vodafone in the UK? My phone tells me it is available to download but I am worried about losing VoWiFi which I rely on due to poor network coverage at my home (where I have to say due to lockdown). If I try the update and lose VoWiFi what can I do - is it possible to undo the update?


It probably depends on your router. For Fritz boxes you can check the connected WiFi devices and it shows if WPA2 or WPA3 is used.

If your router does not support WPA3 the answer is easy, though :wink:


My router has WPA2 … but asa I’ll have the possibility to connect with a WPA3, I can provide some answers about this topic :slight_smile:
Anyway VoLTE and VoWif work for me, I had a call 5min ago with both 4G and Wifi On and connected …

I hadn’t tried VoLTE before, I can confirm that it works for me as well. But how do you know that VoWiFi works? Is its symbol in the top bar? For me it isn’t. It used to be there with 0054 intermittently.

This happens to some users (see other topics & known bugs wiki), also to me. No chance to use 5 GHz anymore.
But it seems not to be caused solely by v0077; for many people the wifi band switcher becomes invisible also with previous versions of the OS.

The only way to get back the wifi band switcher is a factory reset. And even then it will disappear again after some days, as mentioned in other threads.

I have been in contact with the FP support about this issue. They don’t know the reason and don’t know how to fix it (except a temporary fix by doing a factory reset).
Please get in touch with the support, so they see that more people have problems with the invisible wifi band switcher!

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Looks like this update has fixed the rebooting issues for me! Thanks


Obviously I won’t do a factory reset for that issue. Thanks for your answer anyway.

How long does it usually take to have the update ? No notification yet using SFR in France.

It depends on your provider, as the rollout is done by the network providers.
As I understand it, they test the update first, if there are problems. In case there are, the update won’t roll out, but is returned to Fairphone for fixing.

If you really want the update, it could help, to use a different SIM card from another provider (maybe from a friend). But there’s the risk, that there will be troubles, when using it with your provider.


Hi everyone,
Will this update help me with my FP3 problems:
1- Apps interfering with the calling function (no sound without hands-free kit/headphones);
2- Mobile data limitation no longer working.
I suscribed with a MVNO so I’ll be waiting some time anyway…