Software update: 3.A.0066.20201119

this has been fixed for me

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After updating my apps, I checked for a software update and was quite surprised that an update was available, b/c I didn’t get any notice! Installation of the update went w/o any problems, but you may want to revise the notification process for my provider (Telekom.de).
THX anyway, I really appreciate the frequent security updates, a stark contrast to Samsung (security patch level of my Tab S3: 03/01/2020).

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Yes! I reported this noisy bug two times in different situations. Well done! Now, just wait!

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I don’t recieve the update yet. I live in Italy, phone buy thanks to Vodafone; is there any kind of problem releated to? Thank you!


What version are you currently using?

It would be nice to know which providers are pushing out the updates. You mention Vodafone are they the provider you are using in Italy?

My OS build is 8901.3.A.0054.20200929
and yes, Vodafone is my provider. This delay is strange because I recieved the 0054 update regulary (2 days before Fairphone updated the FP3 OS releases)…
Do the providers release the update? … I always thought was FB itself.

Directly after installing an update, higher power consumption is not unusual, did it return back to normal for you?


Yes Fairphone have to send the updates to the providers as it them you connect to. Each provider has different ways to manage updates and sometimes they will not work for a specific provider. If there is a problem the provider lets Fairphone know and Fairphone try and sort it and re-issue a modified version for that provider. So some can take longer than others.

You can probably download an update from Fairphone via the internet, but being the basic default version it may not be quite suitable and it may require a complete reinstall of the OS, so most people just wait.

You may get a response from Vodafone if you email them ?

See the first post of this topic.


You’re right… anyway my FP3 is not branded as I have the same build number as Default Fairphone build. It is so strange, but thanks a lot for the clarification.

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It is not about the branding, but the mobile network your phone is connected to (excluding roaming).


So, that means if I put another SIM something could change? I’m not going to do that of course, but it’s interesting how FB rolls out the update, more like a “big family” instead of the big grinder OEMs (ex. Xiaom… who doesn’t care about its customers) :slight_smile:


It depends on the providers to review and verify the update, Fairphone cannot do this for every carrier.


Just to clarify. Whereas it may be quicker to upgrade OS by using another SIM card to access a different carrier, it does imply that reverting to another SIM would not necessarily work with the same integrity. So it raises the question for those with two different carriers on via 2 SIMs how the phone is updated so both work. It may just be that once the SIM is in use the OS can switch relevant functions to relate to each SIM. Whether this includes the security feature is another question.

What fun the OS developers must be having and it then brings up the issue about alternate OSs.

eOS and Lineage as examples either work out of the box for all carriers or some may need a special tweak, Hmm! ?

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That is, in my opinion, a wrong conclusion. Nobody can tell or even give a guarantee that “everything works with everything” instantly.

Regarding Lineage OS, all depends on good will. I am using Lineage OS, but the thing is: Whenever there is a bug in the product, who is in charge to care? This is no plain technical question. Fairphone are forced to act because they have received money from their customers whose expectations are quite simple to understand: The product has to work the way it is advertised. You can image yourself that nobody who cares for Lineage OS is in charge to make a Fairphone work, because no (regular) customer makes a deal with the developers.

A little different is the relationship with the /e/ foundation that sells new FP3 devices with /e/ preinstalled and two years of warranty. So basically, it is a different product, but (technical) aftersales service shall be available from /e/, so this is what you get when you buy from them directly.


As far as I know, users of TWRP and Magisk can not get OTA updates.
Any chance a full ROM with the new update is going to be available?


look here.


Not there yet. Still 0054.

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Which provider do you have? Nations?

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I think @urs_lesse is answering the question for the full OS download at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048050332-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-on-FP3-FP3- … which is still the 0054 version currently.


After having installed A.0066, three users (two on O2/Telefonica, one on Deutsche Telekom network) in our Geman language FB group have reported so far that their calls are now getting successfully established on the first attempt.