Software modification (phone "jailbreaked")

I am trying to download an app from Danske Bank, Mobil-ID. After downloading, I received a message that my operating system has been “jailbreaked”. Is the fact that it’s been modified okay, or has my phone been hacked?

Conni Ess

On the FP1 you normally have root access to your phone.

Banking apps don’t like that.

So, I guess your system is okay, but rooted. If the banking app works, than you can use it.


If it doesn’t, you can try to hide root. (see #dic:root )

How do I hide root? I’m not sure what that means, and my geek husband is not around. Thanks1

Here is the link:

I just added it to #dic:root , it wasn’t very clear, sorry. :blush:

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