Software freezes regularly

I have bought a Fairphone 5 a few months ago. It is mostly working fine but the system freezes a few times a week. The message “System UI is not responding” appears. The keyboard has also hung up several times now. I could then use all apps normally, but the keyboard did not open when I wanted to type something in an app. I use the preinstalled keyboard and no other third party app. The only way to get the keyboard to work again was to restart the phone. As of today i run the newest version of the operating system and i update the system regularly.

Welcome to the community forum, sorry your post wasn’t seen before.

It sounds to me as though your unit may have some minor (but potentially annoying) problems, since from your description, it is obviously not responding correctly.

I strongly advise you to contact official support about this, either using this link and / or calling the number at the bottom of the linked page.

In the problem description, feel free to cite this topic which may develop in the coming days!

You might want to try “uninstalling” the Gboard app via Play Store. It won’t actually uninstall as it is a system app, but it will be reset, so you can do a new update via Play Store afterwards. You might also want to do that with the Google app. This will repair any failed updates that might be the reason for the crashes.

I had a similar problem with Google and re-updating it solved the problem.