Softmaker Office Mobile for free up to Dec. 24

It’s not an extravagant piece of news, but this is to say the german guys at Softmaker are offering the mobile version of their complete suite (reading/writing word, ppt, xls and odt) for free till Xmas.

IMHO this is partly due to them launching their tablet-devoted version, an impressive GUI that does allow to turn an average tablet into an actually efficient editor -but the ‘Mobile’ version does feature the same functionalities, with an actual phone interface that’s really efficient.

Personally I bought this mobile app some time ago, because contrary to WPS office for instance it did read/write Libreoffice documents.

I find any size of doc is accepted on the Fairphone, and the really few reading bugs here concern fossil documents that have been ported from one version of MSWord to the next year after years.
Quite a good behavior really.

Thanks for the tip! I use SM on my pcs both at home and at work, both Linux and Windows. Have tried a free beta version on my phone before - personally I find the GUI almost too impressive, to be honest I find it designed for a tablet rather than for a smartphone.
But SM is reliable (although there are some persistent bugs in the Linux version) and handles Microsoft’s docx files much better than LibreOffice/OpenOffice.
So maybe worth another try, and I’ll spread the word.

Does it open password protected word/powerpoint files? Currently I get a lot of protected files from my work email and I currently can’t open then on my phone - but if this does then I may well change apps.

I’ve not found one yet that does open them

I understand it does at least for… some kinds of password versions at least -sorry to not know enough…

Guess it depends on what kind of password protection/encryption you use. If it’s just MSOffice’s built-in password protection, Softmaker handles protected documents without glitches (and so does some other applications, e.g. Documents to go).

Excellent, thank you. I may give it a go while it’s free then :smile:

Today Softmaker announced that Softmaker Mobile (not HD) will be free from now.

So if you still need a Free Office with relay good Microsoft Office compatibility you can get it at the Playstore. I don’t know if Softmaker will also offer the APKs for direct download, until now it was possible to buy the products at their Homepage and receive APKs.