Soft reboot after initial screen unlocking

A rooted FP4 running stock 11 is performing a soft reboot after entering the initial PIN for screen unlocking right after unlock the SIM. Logs are inconclusive apart from from a few Java exceptions (mostly NFC-related and one systemui-related (

This happens with both Nova Launcher and Quickstep.

Any hints even for further root cause analysis never mind solutions are highly appreciated. I can provide more info if required - just let me know.

Welcome to the community :wave:

  • What Magisk modules are you using (if any)?
  • Are you running any other root modifications like LSPosed, microG?
  • What happens if you remove the SIM card (or disable it for eSIM)?
  • Have you tried starting it in Safe Mode #dic:safemode?

Used Magisk mods:

  • Busybox for Android NDK,
  • Magiskhide Props Config,
  • SQLite3 Universal Binaries,
  • Riru,
  • Universal SafetyNet Fix.
    The last two mods are disabled because of an enabled Zygisk feature.

Removing the SIM doesn’t make a difference. And neither did restarting the device in SafeMode (per the instructions at ).

Please let me know if more info is needed.

Hmm, interesting :thinking:

So not a rogue module, but could be still stemming from a modification caused by one of em.
Did anything major happen before you started seeing that behaviour, a update of Magisk / module / OTA?

I assume you are using adb shell cmd package set-home-activity foo to change that, or are you able to bypass the soft reboot somehow?

If you are comfortable with that it’d be great if you could upload some logs, otherwise I’d suggest nuke and pave and starting from scratch.

How did you install Magisk? I currently run stock OS with Magisk (though without any modules, was just curious after temporarily returning to stock) and do not experience any problems. Did the update to 25.2 just today.

If you didn’t choose @hirnsushi’s path and flashed the boot.img instead, maybe it’s worth a try. You would have to remove Magisk first and return to the original boot.img of course.

Maybe this is related :point_down:

Seems like a weird coincidence, both issues popping up at almost the same time and all… :thinking:

No, I followed the instructions and booted from the patched image file from disk rather than flashing it.

I suppose that renders the GPay SafetyNet mod obsolete…

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