Soft Brick after battery completely flat

Hi, would really appreciate any help- I haven’t had a working phone since the start of September and can’t get answers from support.

My problems started when I used my phone up to empty battery. It got to about 5% and then the webpage I was viewing started scrolling up and down as if someone was swiping the touchscreen. It then went black. When I connected it to a charger it went into an infinite bootloop. Disconnected battery and charger a number of times. It eventually got to the screen to input my swipe code to start android (phone is encrypted) and it started drawing random patterns, again as if someone was swiping the screen. After numerous resets I managed to get it to load android and work for about 2 days. However, it sometimes would not charge unless I took the battery out and put it back together. It also would randomly turn itself off.

It then stopped working completely- it will not turn on if not connected to charger and when it does it just gets to fairphone screen then switches off. I have tried: opening boot mode to install new software, hard reset, taking display module apart and putting back together, resetting battery, trying with/without SD and sim cards… nothing causes any response from the phone.

I need a phone to be able to do my job so will have to buy another one as can’t wait for support any longer. I asked to send it for repair but no response yet. First contacted them 6/9, they replied 21/9 and haven’t heard back since then.

General consensus in the forum is calling Fairphone Support is more promising than writing.

Apart from that, there are some things to try in the #batteryguide (referring to e.g. “Battery Reset” and “Battery sits loosely in frame” for a start).

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Try calling support. On average it currently takes

minutes to handle a support request via phone.

You can also contact a group of fairphoneangels or a localcommunities near you to help you determine which part(s) need to be replaced by swapping modules and testing. This will decrease the time support will have to keep your phone for testing.