So many Updates


I have the second batch FP and installed the Cherry 1.6. Update. Since then the Fairphone Updater comes up every few days and tells me about a new update! I think I updated the Cherry 1.6 version about three times already and the Fairphone seems to get slower and slower. Also the swype option turned off for some reason and I can´t find an option to turn it on again. Do I have to download it now? Why turned it off? Why are there so many updates? Is there an option like “search” on the FP?

Thanks for Help!

If you’re already running 1.6 then there should be no more updates.

Find and open the ‘Fairphone Updater’ app. What does it say? Should be:
You are running
Fairphone Cherry 1.6
No updates available

If not, your update(s) have, for some reason, failed.

If FP Cherry 1.6 is installed, I suggest that you go to ‘manage apps’, find Fairphone Updater, clear cache and data and then reboot. Maybe this will solve the problem.

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