Snapchat front camera not working properly

Hi installed snapchat on my Fp1 and tried using the face recognition to apply filters to my face, but nothing happens when i use the front camera. The back camera works fine, but as you know you have to point the camera to your face while applying filters. Any solution?

Please give us more details. Does the screen go black, do the camera buttons vanish, etc…?
Also: Does the camera work in other camera apps, like the stock camera app, WhatsApp, etc.?

It works fine, but the feature of adding and shaping the face in the app
only work with the back camera. So everything except that pressing the
screen to alter your face, works on the front camera.

Hi there, I have the same problem.
It seems as the front camera isn’t capable of the face recognition function.

Is there a solution yet? Or does anyone has some tips?

Thanks in advance.

Same problem here. Is there a minimum spec camera that may be required? Anyway, disappointing that I can’t use it.

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