SMS notification only after "awaken" of FP3

I’m quite new to the FP3 with OS Android10 (build 8901.3.A.0054) and I tried to setup everything in a save and comfortable way. After a few days, I mentioned, that the SMS notification (acoustic) is only present, if the FP3 is awaken - during hibernation, no notification about incoming messages is released.
I checked the “Akku optimizing” - it’s disabled by default for the SMS app.
I use the “silence” messaging app for privacy reasons, but this should be no problem…

Hi Frank,

Without knowing what you have set up for you safe and comfortable usage it is kinda hard to tell what the issue is.

I can only assure you that acoustic SMS notifications work on my FP3 (I use Signal for SMS, but that should not matter here). Do you have Do not disturb active on your device?

Best wishes,

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Hi Thomas,
thank you for your hint.
The not disturb mode is not activated - other notifications (from telegram, k9mail etc.) are working.
I think, it has something to do with energy saving in Android 10.

Save and comfortable for me means: disabling google-apps and replace them by FOSS apps (safe) but keep the google service for GCM/FCM running without connecting a real google account (comfortable). I know, it’s not really tracker free - but without microG support in FP-OS, I have to use g-services for running the covid19 - tracking app.

I think it might be an Android security feature. Mine does not give any alert when i turn it on before I log into it. Then it will give me new alerts. If yours is turned off then log in once when it powers on and see if this works?

There is also a bug where the lock screen only shows a lock and not the notification. Hopefully the next update will correct this too.

MicroG had an update two days ago which implemented the exposure API, so Covid-Apps are now able to work properly. Maybe you could check that out :slight_smile:


Good to know! How do I use microG in FP-OS? By default the original GApps are installed.

Don’t use FPOS :wink:
I think there already is a LineageOS beta if you want to try that :slight_smile:

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Which version of LineageOS do you think, we can install on FP3? - I can only find the LOS 16, which in my opinion is a bit outdated, awaiting LOS 18 soon…

LOS16 is the most current one AFAIK. They’re probably going to update to LOS17 at some point :slight_smile:

In my opinion, everything after Android 7 is the same thing anyways, so I personally have no problem with not having the lastest version :wink:
I’m still on LOS15 on my FP2 even though I could update to LOS17.