SMS-notification in peace of mind mode?

looking at the peace of mind screen (not activated) i see a SMS-icon with the name of one of my contacts. does it mean i received a message from this person while the phone was in p.o.m.-mode? but there is no new message in the SMS “Inbox”, just the symbol on the p.o.m. screen - clicking it opens the SMS-conversation I had with this contact. (which was not the last contact to text before switching on p.o.m.). so why this symbol on the screen??

I have not seen this before. Are you able to do a screen capture and post it up here?

hm, upload doesn’t work. the sms-symbol is still there, actually it’s two of them now. and i noticed I can drag them to the clock and screen saver surfaces too…but still not open them. but when touching the symbol for 1-2 secs a “delete” option pops up. amazing…