SMS messages appear but disappear

Using FP4 since a couple of months and have had this issue since start: Do others experience the same issue as I am or should I create a support ticket:
Text messages that arrive appear on home screen as a notification. When I lock up the phone and go to SMS app, the message is not there. After closing and opening the app and locking and unlocking the phone back and forth the new message appears sometimes and sometimes I have to wait some while, maybe minutes, before it appears. Do other FP4 users have this issue?

Is it the same for both of your SIM cards?
Did you try to clean cache and data of your SMS app (I hope the latter will not delete all old SMS messages)?
Do you use an SD card? If yes, formatted as mobile or internal memory?
Did you try it out with another SMS app?

I receive 99.5% messages on my e-sim, so that’s where the problem is. I have not formatted the sim, that sounds like erasing all messages? And I have not tried another app, which would you recommend? Thanks

So does it only happen for the eSIM or didn’t you try out with hard SIM as you nearly don’t receive SMS for it?
Did you clear SMS app cache?
You might try out “silence” as SMS app.

Haven’t tried hard sim. Now I emptied cache and downloaded silence, will give it a try.

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I have tried Silence but it really sucks, have had bunch of issues with MMS sending and receiving. So I am going back to original app if you dont have any other suggestions @Volker or anyone else for that matter.

The formatting query was about the SD card not the SIM :slight_smile:

So SMS work now or are there still issues as well? Did you check APN for MMS is correct (your provider can help with that)? Did you use an IPhone with IMessage in the passt with this phone number?

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