SMS app which shows more than 4 lines in the input field?

Hi Community,
got a Fairphone2 last week. I really like the idea of Fairphone, but the first steps with the software are much harder than expected and i am getting a bit desperade.
One thing that i do not understand is why i actually see only 4 lines of the message/SMS i type. I do a lot of confermations via SMS and most times the text is quite long. With my old Phones Samsung and iphone i always saw the complete text i was typing. Now after 4 lines it starts to scroll down. So i see only the last 4 lines, even if there is plenty of place above (you see old messages in full text). Can´t imagine that this is standard…
Any idea how i can change that?

thx for your help!!

Perhaps you could try another app for sms.

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i tried several sms apps. always the same. :frowning:
that must be a special fairphone issue…

I think it’s the design of the SMS apps. They all look nearly the same. So you will have this behaviour with the same apps also on other devices.

So you need a SMS app which actually can show more than 4 lines in the input box. I changed the title from “SMS / Messages just 4 lines visible?” to “SMS app which shows more than 4 lines in the input field?” to attract more helpful answers. In the meantime, you could also use copy & paste to have a bigger editor.


No, it´s not the design of the apps. I also use an Ipohne and a Samsung. There the message box expands over the full text i type in and don´t starts to scroll after 4 lines. It has to be Fairphone restrictions/settings.
In my opinion it is a bug. There is no reason to show old text above but not the new one even if there is plenty of space.

Juat tested with my FP2 and two other phones (a Huawei w/ Android 6 and a Samsung w/ Android 4): Signal showed consistently 4 lines on all devices), the Huawei and Samsung SMS apps all showed more than 5 lines. However, these imo replaced the ASOP standard SMS apps by Huawei /Samsung specific ones.

So I would conclude that this is a limitation of the ASOP messaging app and nothing FP2 specific.
Maybe someone has a device with unmodified Android (e.g. Google Nexus) at hand for verification?


Try the (third-party) apps you have tried on your Fairphone on your Samsung. Do they show more than four lines there?


ok, tried handcent sms on samsung. also just 4 lines…
so anyone a 3rd party sms app which showes more than 4 lines?

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i am not that familiar with Android…

BeMiGro… what is ASOP … i´m not that familiar with Android… more an iphone guy till now … :wink:

You can write an @ before the user name (@BeMiGro, @WoWi, @tofra) to call an user. He/she will get a notification in this case.

@BeMiGro meant “AOSP” which means “Android Open Source Project”. AOSP is Android without the Google-specific, proprietary parts (most important proprietary parts: Play Store, GCM [Google Cloud Messaging: push messages], in-app Google Maps).

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After testing several SMS apps, I found Textra SMS which shows all the typed lines!!! Problem solved!

Thx for all your help!


:thumbsup: Good call. I moved it to software as (now) it fits there better.

By definition it’s not a bug, as nothing indicates that this is not intended by the developers of the app.

I for one more often like to reread the text I’m answering to than the text I’m just writing. You can’t develop everything right for everyone. That’s why there are different apps for everything.

Perfect. Case closed. :slight_smile:

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