Smart watches compatibility with fp4

Does the fair phone 4 connect well with all android smart watches?
I haven’t been able to find a “sustainable” smart watch so I’m just going for longest battery life and ability to give me notifications from apps……I’m autistic and have adhd so I need all the help I can get! :joy:

Hallo @Edithluna

I personally use a Garmin Fenix 6 pro.
Battery life is up to two weeks. Always on display, very good viewable in direkt sunlight.
It is an outdoor activity smartwatch. Notifications from different apps, like Whatsapp, Signal, Threema can be displayed and answered by definable templates.

There is a viarity of watches by Garmin and it is not easy to compare all these. Took me some time. I can say that you do not need the expensive ones for the need of displaying incoming messages. My partner using a Garmin Forrunner 45s with 90 % of the features of the Fenix, but for a quarter the price.


This is probably not the question you were looking for, but why do you need a smartwatch? I personally don’t see the point. The “smartwatch” is fully dependent on your phone to do its magic and your phone is in your pocket, easy to reach. Your phone also has the required sensors to count steps and track workouts. The only benefit would be to track your heart rate and maybe your sleep behavior. But do you really need to know that? And with the bad track record of security updates and battery life, aren’t you making your life harder with a smartwatch? Also, it’s not a sustainable device because of that.

I have a G-Shock Rangeman for more than 10 years. It has a solar cell, so no recharging needed. Has a temperature sensor, barometer (with weather alert), alarm, timer, world clock, date, compass, altitude meter and syncs the clock based on a wireless signal. It’s always perfectly in sync with my phone, computer, etc. Also the display light is bright enough to use it as a light during the night.

No software updates needed and the battery outlasts many smartwatches in terms of charging and battery health. It’s also indestructible and water proof.

To me, that’s a real smart watch :nerd_face: Just my 2 cents.

You can get them more advanced and smart though:

And about compatibility, it should just work. It uses Bluetooth and you have to install their app.

nice one … looks much better and more stable as my Xiaomi Smartwatch - ok, to be honest it costs more than 3times than mine :wink:

One Question to @UPPERCASE: Can it also show a notification if a incoming call or message is coming? The watch is what I always wanted and that would be a nice benefit. I don’t want to show the whole message or the phone number of the caller but what I would like to have is maybe a vibration or blink so that I know that I need to take a look on the phone …


Yes, all the details are on that website.

Notification function (incoming calls, incoming e-mails, new social media posts, calendar notifications, reminders)

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@ElKrasso thank you that’s really helpful

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My PineTime works fine with it, and has a two week battery life and costs only £30, so if you’re after battery life above all else that’s the thing to go for. It’s probably not what you expect when you think “smartwatch”, but it is more like what the Google smartwatch people were aiming for before they were told “it shall run Android or it shall not exist” and they had to knock up the specs and price tenfold to compensate, and the battery life down tenfold to boot.

It can do phone notifications and nav instructions and music reporting and a few ordinary watch things, but if you want GPS or video calling or NFC or massive shiny OLED displays or an app store you’re out of luck. (I don’t need any of those things because my fairphone does them perfectly well.)

Oh and it’s free software and so hackable that you can literally attach debug probes to the CPU and unbrick it. :slight_smile:


I’m also using a PineTime without issues.

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