Smart view case for FP2?

hi, does anybody know if there is a smart view case that fits for FP2? I had one for my old mobile that was super practical. Thanks for any hints!

First some clarification for me, as I have not heard of a “smart view case” before and did just some online search. It is a case, where some part of the screen with important information (clock, messages …) remains visible; right? The cover can have a plastic window or simply a “hole”.

Have you already seen this (rather lengthy) topic:

While I doubt, that there is a smart case mentioned in the thread, there are some cases (slip and flip if I recollect it correctly).
Maybe you could take one of those and simply cut the window you need with a carpet knife.
Probably the “Feuerwear” slipcase could stand such a treatment (maybe the cutting needs to be “stabilized” by some glue or other means?).

But there are other cases as well of course, that might work.

Thanks for the quick reply and research!!!
I think cutting is no option for me, cause i want to protect the display, my last smart view case was transparent. But anyway creative idea :wink:
I’ll check out that shop!
All thr best for you!!

I also think this kind of case wouldn’t make any sense for the FP2. As far as I know those cases are mostly used to display e.g. the clock. If you have an OLED screen, that’s fine, since only the pixels that actually display the numbers would have to be active. The FP2 however has an LED screen, so to display the clock the whole backlighting would have to constantly be active which would significantly drain the battery.


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